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Park confrontation    The Newsy You: News of Today

Started 5/26/20 by Showtalk; 2947 views.

A lot of the footage I saw didn't show them wearing masks, though.

And some of us were talking about "what if" yesterday afternoon. Like, all kinds of ways various bad actors could really turn these protests into a bloodbath that would make Tieneman Square seem like a walk in the park.

Since there were a couple of veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan around, and an older fellow who served in Vietnam, some detailed "how it could happen" scenarios came up. The consensus was - you don't want to be anywhere near those protests - because you don't know what some foreign or domestic terrorist might slip into the crowd, or unleash from blocks away.

And there are plenty of weapons of war to be found in assorted hot spots around the world, and probably plenty that have been "liberated" from various bases and evidence lockers over the years, some even still sitting in old duffel bags someone brought back from Vietnam or even World War 2.

So the talk went to some of the worst case scenarios, the kind of thing that would have a day of remembrance put on the calendars afterwards, the things that might rack up a body count in a single city block that could dwarf 9/11.

The most obvious is the suicide vest. This usually kills outright only a dozen or so that catch the brunt of the shrapnel, which includes bone fragments, teeth, and other bits of the bomber that go everywhere.

Then there is this:
Quietly he opened the window of the empty apartment. The residents were down protesting somewhere in the street. Knowing he could be tracked, his phone was left blocks away. Any pings would show he had never left the ruins of the gutted laundromat where he had originally hidden.

There they were. The mob that had ruined everything for him. And now they would pay. He fingered briefly the 40mm grenades, then slipped the first one into the M-79. It resembled nothing more than a very fat barreled shotgun. Carefully resting the barrel on the windowsill, he checked the range and elevated it.

The numbers were falling in his head, as he squeezed the trigger. With a surprisingly quiet "Pink" sound, with a hefty recoil, the first round was on its way. He quickly reloaded, let loose a second, then a third, walking each shot where they would hit about 50 to 100 feet apart, along the paths the crowd would flee in a panic, into the bottlenecks.

Four rounds, five, six, then he closed the window just as the first explosion flashed three blocks away. He drew the shades exactly as he had found them, picked up the spent casings which went back into the backpack, along with the broken down weapon.

He then calmly opened the door with his Covid-19 approved gloved hand, calmly walked down the hall, and took the elevator to the ground floor.

As he went out the front door, in his Covid-19 compliant mask and hood, he looked at the direction of screams faintly echoing, took a few steps towards them as if curious as to what was happening. He saw panicked people running his direction, turned, yelled in feigned panic, then sprinted for two blocks away from the commotion, quickly catching up to several others.

"What the hell was that?" he gasped.

"Don't know," came the reply.

"Probably not a good idea to stick around," he added breathlessly. "The pigs must have done something awful," and began to run again, now accompanied by two terrified, unwittingly recruited alibis for three more blocks until they split up.

Several minutes later, back in the relative safety of the gutted laundromat, he retrieved his phone from its hiding place in the restroom, dropped his pants, sat on the seat, then while emptying his bowels, checked his social media feed. "Are you OK?" several messages said, with increased urgency.

"I'm here. WTF is going on now?" he replied.

"Are you OK? What are you doing?"

"I'm OK. Still hung over. Taking a dump. Can I finish or are they coming this way again?"

kizmet1 said:

Works well for them. There was one guy arrested who had the worst tattoo over most of his face.

Now, boys and girls, this is reason number 4,095 why you should never get a tattoo on your face.


From: Showtalk


I know, it all shuts down.


From: Showtalk


That’s graphic and terrifying.

Some people used to write fanfic in assorted genres.


From: kizmet1


Clap clap. Excellent . Have you always been a writer?
kizmet1 said:

Have you always been a writer?

Well, more of a writer wannabee.

I'd probably tweak the ending a little bit and add some earlier back story about what made the antagonist tick, maybe even some more terrifying detail about how he traded, say, drugs for weapons, and how he'd positioned himself to profit from the chaos.

Because there are plenty of shadowy type figures that are players in every major violent upheaval. There are arms brokers who sell weapons to both sides, so they make money coming and going.

There are those who will inflitrate movements and either radicalize it or do things that will paint a target on said movement, or who will set up things to frame parties on both sides for increasing atrocities, which stokes the anger and hate to a white-hot heat, well beyond when any negotiations are possible, and each side now is in the midst of a blood feud.

Once factions on both sides have lost loved ones, especially if they have lost everything already, then about all that is left is a burning desire to "just kill the bastards who killed my <fill in relatives>"

Then the instigators just melt into the shadows, because every massive government retaliation just breeds more terrorists, and every act of terrorism breeds more state sanctioned violence.

Good example now is where the Syrian government is dropping "barrel bombs" from helicopters on civilians while the rest of the world looks the other way, because atrocities have now hardened the resolve of some to resist at all costs. Many of the "terrorists" that Syria are bombing now, actually fought off Isis, and now there's a kind of 3 way war happening there, maybe 4 or 5 way - with Turks, Russians, the remnants of Isis, and the Syrian government all wreaking murder and mayhem.

What worries me, is many who are griping about foreign refugees from Central America looking for a better life in the US now, might end up eating those words in another year when desperate people who have a price on their head for maybe their family ties, their skin color, or some other thing, mass against the borders with Canada and Mexico desperate to get in.

How many will take to the oceans in rickety inner tubes and un-seaworthy improvised watercraft to just escape the violence, knowing if they are deported back they face certain death?

The shoe may end up on the other foot if we aren't careful. People say it can't happen here. But it just hasn't happened in our lifetimes.


From: kizmet1


I have known people from the Middle East ever since I could walk. They started moving here well over 100 years ago. It wouldn't surprise me to learn that there are anti America ones who are passing as Hispanics and getting close to the border until an opportunity to sneak in to the US presents itself. Same may go for Canada.
Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


POTUS just announced he has called 200 military personnel to DC for riot protection and will call up as many for other cities as he thinks needed.


From: Showtalk


Maybe now the violence will stop. I