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Do some cities need more police?   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started 6/22/20 by Showtalk; 851 views.

From: kizmet1 


Ditto Jeri and Rocketman.

Glad I'm not unlucky enough to be stuck in one of those zones.


From: Showtalk 


No I e is stuck in the police fee zone in Seattle.  They want to be there.  The numbers are shrinking daily.

What if one's home or maybe the shop that is the source of their livelihood - say, a computer accessory factory - happens to be in that zone? Or other non-movable assets. It's kind of hard to just fold up a permanent structure, pack it in the trunk of the car, and haul it out of there to a safe location.


From: Showtalk 


The zone appears to be shut down for business.  I wonder what the inside of that police station looks or smells like.

Showtalk said:

The zone appears to be shut down for business. I wonder what the inside of that police station looks or smells like.

Then even when that zone is re-taken, I doubt any stores or other things in there will re-open. What it will really kill are the shrinking number of mom and pop places that eked out a living. The megacorp chain outlets will just abandon the zone forever, helping boost unemployment up to 3rd world levels.

And to think that for a few years, many outfits reached out to try and deal with the "food desert" problems, and this is how they get paid back. I sort of suspect that, nope, let them all suffer from obesity and diabetes and other problems of a horrible diet of junk food that is sold only under little pass-throughs beneath bulletproof glass.

As for the police station - it's probably an EPA Superfund site by now.


From: Showtalk 


They seem to think they can just walk back into the police station and go back to business as usual. 

  • Edited June 24, 2020 5:32 pm  by  Showtalk

That has a sense of deja-vu of the kind of stuff that you'd see in the Middle East, such as the West Bank, or Eastern Europe during a few events where the maps were re-drawn in the aftermath.


At least so far we aren't seeing the construction of a Berlin Wall that cuts the city in two. Probably because the rabble doing this stuff don't have a superpower such as the Soviet Union backing them, or a kind of near homogenous population such as the Kurds, or similar centuries / millennia old tribes that pre-date the rise of the modern nation-state.

Well, unrelated, my engineering workstation is on hour 38 of backing up the entire hard drive. It's progressing, although slowly. It might take until Saturday to finish. I saw it working on recycle bin stuff late yesterday afternoon (which I thought had been actually emptied before booting up with the full backup utility disc). But it's worth the wait as who knows what forgotten stuff is on there that has accumulated over the past few years that might actually be needed, and then stuff that really shouldn't just be left on there as who knows where that computer will eventually end up.

Once this version backup is complete and the external drive safely stashed away, then I can go through the log and see what really should be properly erased before leaving that computer behind forever a week from today.