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Do you believe in superstitions    The Real You: Personality Poll

Started Jun-25 by Jeri (azpaints); 1135 views.

I thought the goat did make it inside a few times.

Oh, I finally got Quicken migrated to a different computer and successfully got it to sign in. <whew>. Only 4 more days to get other important things moved and fully backed up. Going to make a trip about 06:00 and see if maybe that backup started Wednesday has finally finished or not.

That's why Leto is presently lounging on the bed listening to all the chatter on 15 meters. Managed to make some local contacts, although really, when you exchange phone texts of frequency and mode to tune in and make them it's not quite in the usual spirit of amateur radio.

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints) 


The first time, yes, into the kitchen and the second time about half way down the hall, but he never found a bed, thank heavens.  I still remember my shock when I sat in a lawn chair watching my daughter ride and feeling a sharp jab in my upper arm.  He'd gotten out literally 3' from me and I never heard him work the gate latch.  He was standing on his back legs and pawing at me.   We switched to a more complicated gate closing so he learned to dig and push heavy duty horse quality chain link out of his way!  We had to change the gate closures on 8 gates thanks to him!

Good luck with the back up!  

I once had a couple of goats that would lie in wait at the door, and zip in, then immediately get on the sofa like a couple of dogs.


From: Showtalk 


Will you be temporarily unemployed after the move?


From: Showtalk 


Did the goats smell in the house?

Hopefully temporarily. I checked out the place that is supposed to pick up me and one other person and they seem to have quite a bit of activity there. They are also 15 miles closer.

I don't know if that computer will make the migration or not, which is why I'm making sure I have every file on the hard drive backed up. I made a much smaller backup of all the source code and stuff from everything before we had the big meeting, because the CEO had said we really should get a good off premises backup sufficient to reconstruct stuff. Fortunately those files are not that huge. It's the 99.9% stuff that probably isn't important with the 0.1% interspersed the way Windows does, that is.

Still haven't gotten out the door. So I'l probably make the run around noon, and if it's done, finally pick up that hard drive.


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That sounds like a better job. More activity and closer.