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Do you feed birds?   The Natural You: Wild Kingdom

Started 6/30/20 by MerlinsDad; 9520 views.

From: Showtalk 


That would be funny. 

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From: kizmet1 


I tried when I first moved here. I even bought a birdbath. Nothing was ever touched. I later learned that the neighbors were very generous with their animal food. I also figured out that a river was close by and birds could bathe there any time they wanted. Lastly, a sancturary was in the area.
When animal feeding neighbors moved out the new owner started feeding everything. He had a big Lab and a cat living with him. One day he came home and found that squirrels had broken into the attic and took over the living quarters in spite of the dog and cat being there. Taught him to stop feeding animals. Taught me to never start.
I planted a lot of buddleia all over the yard. 6 different colors, so far. The hummingbirds and butterflies really appreciate them.

I did once upon a time, until I discovered that the cats were simply lying in wait to catch and eat the birds that were drawn to the feeder.

another advantage of living out in the boondocks. Far fewer pencil neck bureaucrats and arrogance of officaldom to make life more difficult.


From: Showtalk 


Yes, although people protect wildlife everywhere.  It’s hard when the wildlife impinges on people who also share a space with them.  I had to scare off a skunk the other night, peacefully.  The next morning, I let one of my dogs pee on the area where I smelled the skunk, very carefully, and the scent scared it off. Next night, no smell, no rustling, no skunk.


From: MerlinsDad 


That's right.  You have a lot of cats.  I would expect a congregation of them under the bird feeders. 

Showtalk said:

It’s hard when the wildlife impinges on people who also share a space with them.

Although technically, the wildlife was around long before developers impinged into their habitat with "little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky-tacky".

Housecats are, according to wildlife biologists, one of the most predatory invasive species that can be brought into suburbia. But they are so soothing and they purr and love attention. And right now an incredibly elongated rescue from 4 years ago is on my shoulder making me sweat more profusely, while she is purring quite loudly.

Probably wants attention and of course to be fed.


From: MerlinsDad 


Yes.  Which is why all my cats have been in-door kitties.  We have a screened in porch; that's their outdoors.

Enjoy your buddy.  

My current only cat, Mandy, is not a lap kitty.  She wants to be petted, but on her terms -- stretched out on the floor.  While I'm reading, she hops on the footstool beside the chair to be petted, but she won't get in the chair with me.

I have indoor kitties but there are a bunch of outdoor ones that show up demanding to be fed. I've managed to tame 2 of those.