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Were police right in clearing out the CHOP zone?   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Jul-1 by Showtalk; 1048 views.

It could be speculation that everyone around me has been saying, rather than hard news. A complete absence of any information sure doesn't completely pass the smell test, like maybe something's being covered up.

Because reports of pristine undamaged and clean buildings would have such incredibly high propaganda value, one would expect those would be showcased  to go "see, they aren't destructive at all - they are being good little Scouts and leaving things cleaner than they found them".

The absence of such reports suggests that the true condition is too embarrassing to let leak out


From: Showtalk 


Too embarrassing or they aren’t interested in details like that.

Showtalk said:

Too embarrassing or they aren’t interested in details like that.

I'd guess too embarrassing as the first choice. Lack of propaganda value (or undercutting their own position) would be why they'd be "intentionally un-interested" in details of the condition of the interiors.