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Have you ordered your Topps baseball card of Dr. Fauci yet? It's a best seller.   The Pleasure Seeking You: Entertainment & Sports

Started Jul-28 by MerlinsDad; 442 views.

Poll Question From MerlinsDad


Have you ordered your Topps baseball card of Dr. Fauci yet? It's a best seller.
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  • It's outselling Mike Trout's rookie card? I gotta get one.0  votes
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It's outselling Mike Trout's rookie card? I gotta get one. 
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From: MerlinsDad 


Dr. Anthony Fauci threw an abysmal first pitch to kick off the historic 2020 Major League Baseball season.  But fans of the renowned disease expert clearly don't mind.

A Topps baseball card with a masked Fauci mid-pitch just became the bestselling card in the history of ToppsNow, the company's collection of limited-edition cards.
ToppsNow cards are available for only 24 hours on the Topps site. More than 51,500 Faucis were sold when the card hit the site last week, the company said Monday.

Can't eat it, can't fabricate circuit boards with it. While it might potentially end up like an Issue #1 Spiderman, I think it's going to be just a flash in the pan.


From: MerlinsDad 


Probably, but I thought it a lot of fun that Topps did a baseball card on Dr. Fauci.

I mostly worry that people who can least afford it are spending money on cards like that, desperately hoping to get rich quick.


From: MerlinsDad 


I daresay that number will be minuscule.  I doubt that the offer was well publicized.

Best way to find out is see how many of them show up on Ebay and what if anything people bid on them.

What's bizarre is people are now paying a surprising amount for genuine but worthless Zimbabwe currency, right along with the old Iraqi dinars featuring Saddam Hussein's portrait. Both of these have no real monetary value as currency but collectors sometimes go crazy on things like that.


From: MerlinsDad 


Yeah.  Collectors are an interesting bunch no matter the item(s) being collected.  The Topps cards probably won't have much monetary value (I don't know what collectors paid for them) for a few years.  I think they're a terrific novelty item, but I'm not a collector.  Fauci seems to be a national hero.  I think I still have the newspapers from the day Kennedy was assassinated.  I'd have to go look.

MerlinsDad said:

I think I still have the newspapers from the day Kennedy was assassinated. I'd have to go look.

When Nixon fell due to Watergate, a few months after Spiro Agnew resigned, I had a paper route. I realized that this was history in the making and pounced - gambling on an extra bundle of newspapers beyond those for my route.

For about another decade, there was this bundle of papers that said in 4 inch tall font "Nixon Resigns!" and then in about 96 point font just below the fold, "Ford Sworn In"

The bundle vanished a few years after I was out of college. Still don't know what happened to it when my parents moved for a job opportunity and closer access to medical care, but when later processing Dad's estate we never did find them. Now, some 46 years later, that would be if nothing else a conversation piece just to have an original unopened bundle of 50 copies of that specific issue of the newspaper.

I kind of think the pristine bundle might be of interest, although another possibility would be the advertisements, the op-eds, the other columns and stuff, even the comics section would be fascinating to pore through, as a snapshot of life in such an extraordinary time.


From: Showtalk 


Someone threw them out.  You had a good idea at the time, though.