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Obama's Medicaid expansion keeps gaining ground under Trump   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Aug-6 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 81 views.

Covid-19 has flipped a lot of opinions.


President Donald Trump is still trying to overturn “Obamacare,” but his predecessor's health care law keeps gaining ground in places where it was once unwelcome. ... Missouri voters this week approved Medicaid expansion by a 53% to 47% margin, making the conservative state the seventh to do so under Trump. The president readily carried Missouri in 2016, but the Medicaid vote comes as more people have been losing workplace health insurance in a treacherous coronavirus economy. ...


From: BWArtist


For decades, the solution to any problem has been to allow the market to solve the problem. The reward of profit is the prime motivator to achieve excellence. As many years have gone by, the inequities have been showing up more and more. As the wealth gap expanded into a Grand Canyon, the have nots cry was always barely heard. And installed political roadblocks to hearing the huddled masses cry for their needs was made sure to fall short.

Now a pandemic shows the frailties of our healthcare systems. Systems that chose short term quarterly  profit instead of long term medical preparedness for the general welfare of our population.

The Hippocratic Oath had a profit margin to consider Perhaps that is why other countries have had more success than us with this pandemic. They chose to look at their fellow man as an equal deserving equal consideration. Instead of an opportunity to generate short term profit.

I'm just so sorry it took a pandemic for people to start seeing the light.