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Eviction hearings resume across metro Atlanta   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Aug-6 by MerlinsDad; 85 views.

From: MerlinsDad


Headlines in today's (August 6) Atlanta Journal Constitution read [bolding mine --MD]

"Eviction Hearings Resume Across Metro Atlanta"

Thousands of metro Atlanta renters hit hardest financially by the pandemic are now at risk of being evicted as court hearings resume for the first time since the coronavirus struck.

More than 10,000 eviction cases have been on hold in metro Atlanta during the health crisis, but courts in DeKalb [state's 4th most populous county] and Gwinnett [state's 2nd most populous county] counties resumed landlord-tenant hearings this week. Fulton [state's most populous, includes the City of Atlanta] and Cobb [state's third most populous county] plan to restart next week. Judges generally plan to start with cases that were filed before the pandemic hit but have not yet been ruled on.

During the pandemic, as thousands lost their jobs and income, housing advocates have grown increasingly worried that a wave of evictions will hit metro Atlanta while the coronavirus remains a serious public health threat. Unlike some other states, Georgia does not have a statewide eviction moratorium.

“People were already suffering before. When the pandemic happened, it just snowballed,” said Monica DeLancy, a tenants’ rights advocate and founder of a renters association in Cobb County’s Riverside area.

Organizations that assist the homeless and others seeking housing resources said they are bracing for a possible “crisis” over housing as the eviction cases are addressed. Residential and commercial landlords pursuing eviction said they have to follow the law and enforce their leases.

Using Census survey data, global consulting firm Stout Risius Ross recently estimated that over 40% of renters in Georgia could find themselves at risk of eviction due to an inability to pay rent during the pandemic. The data suggests Black and Hispanic communities will be disproportionately affected.

There is no statewide standard for how or when eviction cases should be handled, meaning residents in different counties face different procedures if faced with eviction. Gwinnett and Cobb, for example, are holding in-person hearings in courtrooms with social distancing procedures in place.

DeKalb and Fulton are only holding virtual hearings; Fulton, which is usually considered the state’s busiest eviction court and has a backlog of over 9,000 cases, does not plan to hold in-person eviction hearings until at least November.

There's more to the article.  I didn't want to post all of it.

This could be, as a comment in the article states, a crisis.  I'm sure other states are dealing with the same problem.  See chart in message #7 in folder entitled "Do the End of eviction/foreclosure moratoriums affect you?" for percentages of renters who might be affected by the resumption of eviction proceedings.

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: Showtalk


This is a no win situation. Landlords can’t afford to have apartments or houses with no rent coming in. Tenants don’t have rent.  Some landlords are lowering the rents temporarily to get something coming in, but it doesn’t help if they lose the building because they can’t make payments.  Small landlords can’t pay their own mortgages without receiving rent.  But if they evict, they might not be able to find paying tenants. What a mess because states insisted on closing everything down rather than using common sense and distancing techniques.