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97,000 children in the US tested positive for coronavirus in the last two weeks   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Aug-10 by MerlinsDad; 86 views.

From: MerlinsDad


News item by , August 10

Just as thousands more students return to classrooms this week, another study shows how easily children can get coronavirus.

More than 97,000 children in the US tested positive for coronavirus in the last two weeks of July, according to a new report published by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children's Hospital Association.
The researchers found a 40% increase in child coronavirus cases in the states and cities that were studied during those two weeks.
The age range for children differed by state, with some defining children as only those up to age 14 and one state -- Alabama -- pushing the limit to 24.
At least 86 children have died as a result of the disease since May, according to the new report.

The report on which the news item is based:  https://downloads.aap.org/AAP/PDF/AAP%20and%20CHA%20-%20Children%20and%20COVID-19%20State%20Data%20Report%207.30.20%20FINAL.pdf

Children and COVID-19: State Data Report
A joint report from the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association
Summary of publicly reported data from 49 states, NYC, DC, PR, and GU  Version: 7/30/20


From: kizmet1


Alabama is stretching the age a bit. A child should be defined by the curfew age.

From: MerlinsDad


Good point.


From: Showtalk


They mixed adults and children. Do you have numbers that include only children, broken down by ages?  Teens are very different from young children.

In reply toRe: msg 1

From: MerlinsDad


Headline:  There has been a 90% increase in Covid-19 cases in US children in the last four weeks, report says

News item by Jen Christensen, Lauren Mascarenhas, Christina Maxouris and Sandee LaMotte

As the nation focuses on safety issues around going back to school during the pandemic, a new report [see link below] found a sharp increase in the number of Covid_19 cases among children in the United States.

There has been a 90% increase in the number of Covid-19 cases among children in the United States over the last four weeks, according to a new analysis by the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Children’s Hospital Association that will be updated weekly.

O’Leary [Dr. Sean O'Leary, vice-chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics Committee on Infectious Diseases] said that multiple factors have led to a recent increase in the number of coronavirus infections in children in the past couple of weeks, including increased testing, increased movement among children and a rise in infection among the general population.

"We all have to take this virus seriously, including taking care of our children," said O'Leary.

There were 179,990 new Covid-19 cases among US children between July 9 and August 6, according to the report. At least 380,174 total child Covid-19 cases have been reported as of August 6.

As of now, it still appears that severe symptoms are rare among children with Covid-19 infections. Children were between 0.5% and 5.3% of total hospitalizations, according to data from the states that record that information. Children were 0% to 0.4% of all Covid-19 deaths.

Here's a link to the Report mentioned in the news item above.