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$8 million in drugs seized in largest heroin bust in Georgia's history   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Aug-13 by MerlinsDad; 51 views.

From: MerlinsDad


Headline:  $8 million in drugs seized in largest heroin bust in Georgia's history, officials say

News item by Amanda Jackson and Raja Razek

An Atlanta man has been indicted on federal charges related to the largest heroin bust in Georgia's history, according to officials.

Antonio DeShawn Daniels, also known as "Freckleface Shawn," was arrested on July 27 after federal authorities executed search warrants on multiple locations in Atlanta where he was known to distribute drugs, according to the US Attorney’s Office of North District of Georgia.

In total, authorities said they seized 170 kilograms of heroin, 10 kilograms of cocaine, eight kilograms of marijuana, more than $1 million in cash, and 41 firearm

Authorities estimate the value of the drugs at $8.5 million. Murphy told CNN affiliate WSB that it is by far the biggest heroin seizure in Georgia's history

There's a photo in the news article showing the drugs stacked on tables.  Very impressive.


From: Showtalk


That is very good news.  Finally there is a law enforcement branch that isn’t being destroyed by CNN.

Agents said that the indictment is just the beginning and that more arrests are expected.
"Due to COVID, criminals think that police aren't out there," Pak said at the news conference. "This is a perfect example that we are out there to keep poison and dangerous materials off the streets.