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Will Trump successfully steal the election?   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started 8/14/20 by MerlinsDad; 2447 views.

From: BWArtist 


The combination of new technology and retirement obligations bring the postal service to the mercy  of indifferent ignorance. You obviously don't depend on them to run your business. Or your meds. USPS is a lifeline for your fellow citizen.

Here is the most balanced article I could find on the subject,


From: Showtalk 


I got a little lost. Switching them to Medicare would fix it?


From: MerlinsDad 


However, if it were to go off at the dock at, say, the Norfolk naval station, it would be a whole lot worse.

Or even in a warehouse in the business of any large or medium sized city


From: BWArtist 


From what I;m hearing lately is congress gains control of all that money the USPS  kicked in to fund their pension fund 75 years out. That is if USPS gets privatized. Our present cronie of Trump, who is our postmaster , could capture those funds too. As he is heavily invested in companies that could replace the service from what we have now.

I wonder what kind of cut Trump gets to steer all this to his cronie?

Yeah according to Forbes it's just an issue of Federal Care or Medicare.But with Trump he capitalizes on circumstance. In this case, established political handicapping by the republicans from years ago.

But now, Trump needs an electoral diversion and a way to demonize voting by mail. So him and his juiced in postmaster need to speed the scam up. With Bannon now in handcuffs, Maybe Stevie can be persuaded to explain more details in the Mueller investigation. Which could eventually pull weakest links in the Trump overall corruption.

Your defending this corrupt president might just come back and bite you  in the butt. I'd start looking at things a bit more closer before you defend everything with Trump's smell on it.


From: kizmet1 


LOL. You are very funny. I bet you could rewrite Cinderella or Snow White into stories where everyone but the witches are criminals? I would be afraid to let a child see what you could do to The Ugly Duckling.
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From: WALTER784 


From Sept. 2020!

Tulsi Gabbard slams ballot harvesting