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How concerned are you about getting a...   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Sep-15 by Carol Ann (Knit_Chat); 108 views.
Carol Ann (Knit_Chat)

Poll Question From Carol Ann (Knit_Chat)


How concerned are you about getting access to treatment for COVID-19?9.
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Biggest worry is the millions of newly uninsured due to job loss. So a lot of people have lost access to health care right at the moment they might need it the most.

And not just Covid-19. One drunk running a stop sign and T-boning you, and that trip to the E.R. for multiple broken bones and blunt force trauma, or that heart attack or stroke that has been coming for the past decade that finally happens a month after losing coverage, is what will bankrupt most people.

I'm guessing by some calculations that the amount of bad debt written off will easily exceed what Medicaid expansion would have cost to keep people with sudden loss of income covered until they can find more work or age into Medicare.