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TRUMPS HAVE VIRUS   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Oct-2 by kizmet1; 1902 views.

From: kizmet1



They got is from assistant Hope Hicks.


From: Showtalk


Thank you for posting. I expect we can put our differences aside to wish them a speedy recovery, just as most of their critics have done in the news.  It’s a sign of moral character when people who hate someone’s political views can put that aside to show their humanity and empathy.  This is not about an election, it’s about keeping our country safe while he is in power.  

I was reading samples of what people have said. It’s telling that some are using this opportunity to criticize or chastise, while others have done nothing but offer support. The Bidens were among the first to wish him well.

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From: Showtalk


when I first heard that, my initial reaction was similar to hearing that the Challenger had blown up - maybe it was a hoax or they'd gotten it wrong. Then it was kind of like when the 2nd plane hit the other World Trade Center tower.

Then my next reaction was, well, when you play Russian Roulette with an invisible enemy that can reproduce and easily spread through the air, sooner or later you're gonna have the hammer drop on a live round.

And now, I'm thinking - it was really more of a matter of when, than of if, that running around packed cheek by jowl, and several days between infection and symptoms appearing, that either the top aides and / or Trump himself was going to just get unlucky.

Virus doesn't care one hill of beans who you are, or what your ideology is - it just drifts and finds any biologically compatible host, enters a cell, and hijacks the inner cellular machinery to make billions of new viruses.

While masks are not 100% effective, not even close, it chops a good 10 to 20 decibels of virus droplet ingestion when out and about, and most importantly, if you are infected and don't know it, it contains up to 90% your own virus laden droplets to protect those around you, and greatly reduces their velocity and thus distance they are initially launched.

Then it seems that it takes more than one single virus to truly start a full blown infection. The initial viral load is what often determines how severe the infection, as that means fewer reproductive generations with a high initial load before the body has enough to develop severe symptoms. So while a single virus can theoretically spark a new infection, in practice it seems the quantity can determine if the infection can take root or if it fizzles, possibly taking so long to spread that an effective immunological response wipes it all out early on.


From: Showtalk


There is so much misinformation floating around the internet because people think he does nothing all day but tweet. They have no idea the number of staff he must interact with in person.  In spite of what it appears, he wears a mask when he needs to and masks do not stop every particle over long periods of time.  

He has a history of being known as a germaphobe. He keeps hand sanitizer on the tables during meetings.  Everyone in contact with him is tested daily. Hope Hicks had a negative test, then started feeling sick on Air Force One, was isolated and tested again and it was positive.  He may even have been coming down with it during the debate before it was possible to detect on a test.

I have heard people who know him say it was not a matter of if he would get it but when due to the sheer numbers of people his staff must interact with. Even Kelly Ann Conway has it and she doesn’t work for him anymore. 

Showtalk said:

I have heard people who know him say it was not a matter of if he would get it but when due to the sheer numbers of people his staff must interact with.

The timing of the "when" sure seems unfortunate. Wonder how many tin foil hat conspiracy theory people out there are already tweeting it was the lizard people puppet masters that sabotaged a batch of masks.

Of course masks are nowhere near 100% effective. It's a numbers game of statistics and probabilities. Even cheating at craps with loaded dice, or playing poker with marked cards, you're gonna still lose a few rounds even if you have improved the odds of winning, it's still a gamble.


I had a bizarre dream where I had to haul a piece of metal to the Permian Basin Fair (another big event cancelled this year) for someone to do some kind of machining or something at his booth. It was a really long and convoluted path to get there through various lines of people and none of them were masked or worried about distancing.

For some weird reason I was lugging around some kind of coarse fuzzy artificial material about the size of a piece of carpeting and with the consistency of Astroturf. It was heavy and bulky and awkwardly shaped and difficult to walk around with. What its purpose was, I never really figured out, but evidently for some reason I had to keep it off the ground until I got it home, so I couldn't set it down anywhere.

There was a sign at one booth that had stuff on pallets still packed, on pallet jacks, that someone had whipped up with Libre Write and spat out of a printer, that said "Is the fair cancelled? No. We are under a 'must perform' contract so have to occupy the space but observe proper distancing".

I finally found the dude the 2nd time at an outdoor bar type table - picture a round small table with just enough room for 2 to 4 people to sit very close with barely room for drinks - with a bunch of others so I had to thread my way through with this roll of Astroturf and not hit anything with it or catch furniture or drinks or people's hats and drag them over, and of course I could only see one end of the thing at a time.

And then he wasn't quite done with the piece of metal - it was similar in size and shape to a lawn mower blade - and everyone else at the table was admiring the craftsmanship as was trying to finish something on the thing to give it back, and I'm standing there with this heavy roll of stuff maybe 6 to 8 feet long just hoping to finally get out of there.

And I'd evidently left my phone at home, and saw that the time for another appointment of some sort was looming up and I couldn't call and tell them I'd be late, and then the time came and went and I knew I'd probably forfeited an opportunity by standing someone else up while waiting for this blade-thing to be ready so I could just get out of there.

And then it started raining. And no way to let anyone know I was delayed, and stuck there

And evidently right next to the outdoor bar was this equine show - not really quite a rodeo but people riding horses and doing some things just while the bar was close enough to the railing everyone could watch.

There was a TV - magically there was a roof over that - behind the bartender - with a crawler across the bottom and some people wearing masks getting onto Marine One.

And then something fuzzy was going down my shoulder all the way to my feet and I'm grabbing at the roll of Astroturf to keep it from touching the ground, then part of the roll of stuff started nibbling on my ankle, and suddenly there was a kitten playing with my feet and i'm awake.

Alicia said the kitten slept on my shoulder all morning snuggled against my ear and cheek.


From: Showtalk


I’ve already heard the conspiracy theories and none hold up because someone who has it strongly enough to pass it along would test positive. It did not happen at any major events because the timing is off based on who got it.  He probably already has been infected by the debate. 

What a great dream. So complex and you remember it all.

Conspiracy theories can circle the world 5 times before the truth can even get its pants on and boots laced up.


From: Showtalk


And good intentions can evaporate fast during a campaign. Biden said his campaign was removing all attack ads while Trump is ill but they haven’t.  Typical political rhetoric.

Showtalk said:

Biden said his campaign was removing all attack ads while Trump is ill but they haven’t.

I wonder what the lag time is for autopilot ads in queue to be flushed.

My guess is that ads already bought and scheduled may be in an automated sequence to air. Sort of like if you order something on-line and it's already been shipped, about all you can do is cancel those that weren't shipped yet, but all the rest in transit are going to arrive.

Or maybe another analogy is if you launch a nuclear tipped ICBM. Way back in Air Force ROTC, they said the kind of obvious - once the launch code has been entered and the lid blows off the silo and the missile motor ignites, you can't put it back in the tube - it's on its way to the Soviet Union even if it turns out the incoming strike was a false alarm.