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Today's newspaper headlines: "More absentee ballots already cast than in '16"   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Oct-7 by MerlinsDad; 84 views.

From: MerlinsDad


The headline in today's [October 7]  Atlanta Journal-Constitution "More absentee ballots already cast than in '16."  Yesterday's headline was "Where's my ballot?  Many still waiting."  And in fact, I complained in my post yesterday at how long it taken to receive our ballots. 

I'm delighted to see so many people wisely using mail-in ballots, although the article states that "about one-third of all voters are projected to cast absentee ballots.

Total voting turnout is projected to be a 5 million  which would be a record turnout.   I wish Georgia would go a total mail-in system soon.