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Did the election turn out the way you expected?   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Nov-2 by Showtalk; 8634 views.

Your sibject is interesting.  I just got out of ICU recently.  I was across the room from flashing lights & inquired about them.  Seems that the flashing lights were their UV lights to sanitize the areas all around n they would come on at different times.


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So they use it! Very cool.

Yes, it was very cool.  They looked like a long mirror & would start flashing.


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Trendy and useful.

Yep they have been using UV lights in hospitals for many years, because well before covid existed, there were all sorts of multi-drug resistant bacteria, aka "super-bugs" that thrive in a hospital environment, lurking on surface and just waiting to get into equipment and onto instruments to then infect someone who went in for a hernia repair, with a flesh eating bacteria that no known antibiotic can kill.

I think one of the big changes they did with covid is modify airflow HVAC type stuff to help sweep airborne droplets out of the air fast. I ended up dropping someone off in the ER a couple of months ago for a CT scan, and they had installed some high capacity exhaust vents to sweep air out of the waiting areas really fast.

This is also a very effective technique for restaurants and stores - to push clean disinfected air in from the ceiling, then sweep away the contaminated air from the floor area and exhaust it outside or run it through ductwork with a bunch of 264 nm UV lights, before it is re-heated or re-cooled and finally pumped back into the room after going through filters.

Those were mostly some upgrades and retrofits to the air systems.

We are fixing to discover how well the system at work removes particles from the air with this week of very bitter cold and wind chill down around -16 on Monday.


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Ironically, the high quality air filtration system used on airplanes makes them safe, but people find the airports themselves aren’t as clean.

The UV lights were new to me so I was glad to find out what they were.  lol

Mmm, minus 16...where are you?  Stay warm!

Yeah, the terminal buildings are where passengers from, say, Dubai, pass passengers from, say, Sydney who in turn pass a few thousand from Wuhan, and all the new pathogens get exchanged there. Then the plague rides from continent to continent and city to city in the bodies of unsuspecting carriers.

Oh, it is now -3.6C but it almost thawed earlier this evening.

Except for about 4 hours this evening, we have been running off a generator for almost 2 days straight.

Once I finally got a computer booted up and all the corrupted file system cleaned up, I've noticed that internet speeds are incredibly fast. Probably because all the less prepared neighbors are freezing in the dark instead of binge watching NetFlix and Pornhub or doing zoom meetings.

So with all the competitors for spectrum taken out of the picture, the one or two out here have all that bandwidth. Suddenly I'm getting downloads at a whopping 800 kB/s.

In related news, there have been at least a couple dozen carbon monoxide poisoning deaths, a lot of close calls, and as one newscaster predicted, likely many more to be discovered in the coming weeks.

A lot of people have spent nights in their cars with the engine idling as the only source of heat, and to charge their phones and tablets and other devices.