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Would you get a Covid-19 vaccine if you could only get one dose?   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Jan-11 by Showtalk; 4686 views.

It's epinephrine in inhaled form. If you have an allergic reaction to something that starts closing up your airway, then yes, it's effective. If administered promptly at first symptoms while you can still breathe, it can either buy you time for the ambulance to get there and put in a breathing tube and hook up a ventilator, or in some lucky cases, even reverse an anaphylaxis reaction entirely to where you might even be able to continue your day.

Before the government banned the old formula due to the Freon-12 propellant in 2011, many EMTs carried it with them for cases where anaphylaxis was suspected, e.g. severe reaction to a wasp or bee sting, someone with a peanut allergy, etc. because it goes straight to the lungs where the bronchial spasms are happening, and then it goes systemic after being absorbed in the lungs.

The Epi-Pen goes into a muscle and so it takes longer for a therapeutic dose to get into the blood stream and finally to the lungs, and it hits every other organ in the body at the same time.

It can have some dangerous side effects, so one must be wary of those symptoms either as a medic or a patient self-administering the stuff in an emergency.

It is a powerful vasoconstrictor as well as bronchodilator. Epinephrine is often mixed with lidocaine when doing local anesthetic surgery because the cocktail numbs the site so it is numb, but it also greatly reduces local bleeding, making it easier for the surgeon to see what he's doing and make the necessary repair or excision of whatever.

However, systemically it acts as a stimulant. It can cause elevated blood pressure, tachycardia, and a few other things. It can also cause a heart attack if you already have something like unstable angina, so one needs to have other meds handy to counteract those effects if they end up severe

But usually when one is given a heavy dose of that stuff it's to keep them from dying of the anaphylactic shock in the first place, which is a much bigger risk from NOT taking that medication than the risks of problems that are triggered by taking it.

But then I'm not a doctor and don't play one on TV. This is just stuff I've read about and on occasion experienced involving the medication, but fortunately I seem to have outgrown a lot of the horrible allergies I suffered from as a kid through my 40s.

When it was about to be discontinued in 2010/2011, I stockpiled "a crap-load" of the older inhalers, fearing that I'd need a lifetime supply. Then, though, within a year or so I stopped having episodes that needed an occasional puff of the stuff and most of them are still sitting unopened. The propellant tends to slowly leak away after years in storage, especially if there are a lot of temperature cycles, but it might last a lot longer if stored in refrigeration.

That's a moot issue now since the HFC propellant versions have finally appeared. It took them a good 8 years or so to finally get them out there, and I wonder how many lives it cost among people without health coverage who couldn't just go down to Walgreen's even if 1000 miles from home and get a spare inhaler during that era.

Yeah. The actual time to avoid anti-inflammatory drugs before and after receiving the vaccination does not seem to be pinned down solidly with any real research data, yet.

But based on what I know of how these drugs work, I'm saying I'd skip those meds for 24 hours before getting the shot to give them time to clear the system, then about 24 hours after the shot to give it time to work without interference from anti-inflammation drugs.

And if you can stand the pain and soreness and such from going off those meds - it's really those people with chronic aches and pains that this would effect, try to make it 48 to 72 hours after getting the shot and then only take the bare minimum you can get away with to take the edge off of whatever is hurting.

The vaccine, because it triggers a strong immunological response, can also cause you to feel wiped out for a couple of days anyway. If you do feel tired and worn out, it means it's probably doing its job the way it's supposed to, and the body will re-adjust. For some people who have available vacation time and such, this would be a good time to schedule a week off after taking that first shot, so you can sleep however much you need to.

I've heard of even 22 year olds having fairly strong reactions where they would have to (or should at least) skip a couple of days of work or school rather than keep pushing themselves.

Then I've heard of 68 year olds keep right on working on their hobbies or even going back to work the next day and not really having any real adverse effect.

So individual reactions are going to vary quite a bit. Fortunately most people have mild but noticeable effects. It may be that people who don't feel any effects at all might not actually be building up antibodies as well as they should. That might be the kind of people who are ideal hosts for becoming asymptomatic super-spreaders of covid, but the evidence isn't really conclusive yet, and of course with any scientific research, the evidence might eventually point to something else entirely.

One thing many people don't realize is that correlation is NOT causation. For example, one could say that "99.9% of all serial killers had a bowel movement within 48 hours of their first kill, therefore having bowel regular bowel movements makes one more likely to become a serial killer." That is a classic fallacy argument that stems from a confusion between correlation and causation. One could refute such a "conclusion" by also stating that 99.9% of all law enforcement officers had a bowel movement within 48 hours of collaring a major felon.

These kinds of fallacies are one of the major driving forces behind rampant conspiracy theories, and why many people believe thing that are provably false. There is also the "logical fallacy of spectacular vividness". For example, the odds of dying in a mass shooting is much less than that of dying in a traffic accident, and much, much less than dying of cancer or a heart attack, or even of falling in the bathroom and cracking your head on something. But none of those deaths are "spectacular" although some of the latter ones, if not discovered for a few days to weeks, are some of the more expensive and difficult hazmat cleanup jobs around.

People who work with corpses and dealing with the aftermath of death on a regular basis may handle thousands to tens of thousands of corpses in a career, but may never see a single one that died of a mass shooting. But those kind of cases make headlines, and evoke an immediate visceral fear. And certain political factions immediately pounce on those opportunities to advance their agenda against one of our Constitutional rights, because people who are made afraid can be stampeded down a path that they normally wouldn't go down, and not realize they were being manipulated by their own distortion of real versus imagined risk all along.

So they enthusiastically support banning rifles that have an ugly black stock or finish, or can hold more than a single round at a time, or has some other visual features that evokes fear, because they can't separate the vivid from the real statistics. And they as a result punish millions of innocent people for the actions of a very tiny number of evil persons.

This same psychological phenomena also keeps people from exercising, keeps them eating junk food, and keeps them engaging in high risk behavior, because being found 3 weeks decomposed from a heart attack suffered alone is not vividly spectacular. They don't run news articles that show faces and names of everyone who died prematurely of heart disease, even though those numbers are more than deaths from mass shootings over the past haf century, practically every day.

Thus people fear the statistically improbable which has an immediacy, a vividness to it, while they brush off the much more statistically likely as "it won't happen to me".

So they try to drive home while drunk. They take dangerous risks with their health such as taking quack snake oil remedies instead of actually seeing a doctor. They go to densely packed family gatherings, no distancing, no facial covering, in the middle of a once in a century pandemic, because they think they can't catch Covid.

And they refuse to get vaccinations for themselves or their kids, because they heard that Mary-Ellen, daughter in law of their 2nd cousin once removed, had her kid vaccinated against measles and mumps and the other childhood diseases on Tuesday, and was diagnosed as autistic the next week after acting out in school.

Another example of spectacular vividness is the myth that Halloween is when children are abducted by strangers, candy is poisoned, and all that crap. It's very much like the mass hysteria that gripped Salem some 400 years ago with the infamous Salem Witch Trials.


From: kizmet1 


I have had horrible experiences with drugs and the MD's giving them to me. I am healthier now then many, many years ago.

Yeah, the anti-vaxers are one of the big reasons that a lot of ancient diseases of yore are making a comeback. If they continue to proliferate, then some day we'll see kids in iron lungs again like we did before polio vaccinations, and more measles outbreaks such as happened at Disneyland before Covid shut them down for good.

Thus they will cost a lot of lives precisely by being disease vectors and ongoing disease reservoirs.

Still, having an Epi-Pen can save your life if you have insect sting allergies. Same with Primatene if you have any severe allergies. Although with severe allergies, you probably should be seeing a specialist regularly, with frequent monitoring and blood tests and stuff anyway.

I know someone who has allergies to some things - latex, banana, kiwi fruit, so severe that someone merely walking into a room who ate a banana within the past hour can send her into anaphylaxis. Contact with latex will cause blistering very fast like a 2nd degree burn.


From: kizmet1 


I am nothing like your friend. My problem is with mold used when making antibiotics or being preserved with it. I am checking all the vaccines out now, especially since I was on moldy eye drops for so long.

From: Dee (DLAINEDEE) 


That really isn't true.  They already proved that the measles outbreak at the Disneyland was not caused by those that didn't get vaccinated.  It was actually those that did take the vaccine.  Of course, instead of mainstream media letting the public know that, they just dropped the subject and stopped talking about it.  They also know that it was the open boarders and the flood of illegals coming through bringing in many diseases.  TB was the worst one.  As far as polio goes, why not, before they totally scrubbed the web of any truth, find out what the real history was.  What doctors were saying back then, you'll need to find the ones they censored.

I don't understand.  If you have been vaccinated, and I have not, then aren't you protected?  If you can still catch the disease you were vaccinated for, doesn't that prove the vaccine didn't work?  And if it really works, then you shouldn't care who takes it or not.  That is the problem the people that don't want the toxic vaccines in their bodies have, is the people that get vaccinated can't see the irony in that.

It's like saying, if I wear a helmet while riding my motorcycle, I'm protected.  However, if you don't wear a helmet, even though I am wearing one, I'm no longer protected.  Insane how they have brainwashed the people to believe crap.

The evil people that push these toxic vaccines on us plebs, DO NOT take them.


From: Showtalk 


There are varied reasons why people avoid vaccines.  They may not believe we need them at all. They may have a child or been someone with an adverse reaction. They may not trust people in charge of manufacturing or distributing.  Anyone who had had one of those serious illnesses might be very much in favor of vaccines as a result of being extremely ill or having side effects.  I’ve researched NSAIDs since you brought it up and I found agreement all over.  


From: Showtalk 


You keep,onto g that but I have yet to see a single article or link to anything that supports your view.  Again, it is partially right. If someone survives measles, they have immunity. If they get a vaccine they have a better chance of having immunity.  Vaccines are never 100% effective. From the CDC website

One dose of MMR vaccine is 93% effective against measles, 78% effective against mumps, and 97% effective against rubella.

Two doses of MMR vaccine are 97% effective against measles and 88% effective against mumps

If everyone in a population has either had a disease or been immunized, then chances of those lwith no immunities like you getting it are low.  It must be present for people to get it.  If you flood the community with unvaxxed people, like a rush of immigrants, the chances of getting it go way up. So what to do? Either vaccinate every immigrant whomis not immune or stop immigration.  We know the chances of either happening are slim.  

The fact is, the only reason the unvaccinated are safe from say MMR is that so many others risked getting a vaccine.

I am nervous about the covid vaccine because it has barely been tested.  Anyone getting it now signs away all rights to recourse and are part of a mandatory research study on the effects. In essence the general population brcomes a phase 4 of the original trial.  We don’t know the side effects of the vaccines. We do know the side effects of Covid. I know several very healthy people who had it and have not fully recovered. They may never recover. One is a thirty something athlete who cannot regain full lung function almost a year later. 


From: Showtalk 


The vaccines only last about 8 months so by next September, everyone getting one now would need another round of shots.