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"Vaccinated People Should Be Put in Quar   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Sep-18 by WALTER784; 9939 views.

Well I didn't get anything done with the pump house this weekend but I did get 2 more R-panels on the carport / awning, adding another 6 feet of vehicle shelter space. It involved several complex notches to fit it over support pipes.

There's a bunch more stuff that can be done on weeknights.

It took a lot of prep work to set everything up, but it sure is nice now - It's cooler in the day and warmer at night because it blocks the convection currents and radiative cooling as well as the hot sun when summer arrives.


From: Showtalk


Which you can’t use until next summer but it’s nice to plan ahead.

Same with the ultra reflective roof paint for other  structures.


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Can you paint during your rainy season?




What is being said is these people are walking AIDs patients.  The boy in the bubble.  If you took those shots, your God given immune system is down to Zero.  So even if this shot helps protect against this computer simulated virus, everything, and I mean everything else, including a mosquito bite could kill you.  Even though colds and the flu went extinct in 2020, they plan to blame all the deaths on the flu, whatever variant they make up, and of course those unvaccinated.

You need to listen to anyone besides the paid to go along with the plan mainstream media.

Also, funeral directors.  They are waking up fast.  Families talk to these directors when they are making plans for their dead family members.  They said, deaths in 2020 was not out of the ordinary, but as soon as the shot started, deaths have spiked to unmanageable numbers.  Many young people, all had the shot.




Fauci is a psychopath!  He murder over a million men with his AZT.  He knew it would kill all that took it.  Including our beloved Freddy.  Many doctors had great treatments for AIDs, offering long productive lives, but Fauci had all of them censored and demonized, and the treatments they had were banned.  AZT was forced on all AIDs patients.

Does that sound familiar?

Showtalk said:

Can you paint during your rainy season?

Well, you need a minimum temperature and a maximum humidity if the paint is going to dry and harden properly.

So if if is too cold, it won't dry properly. Too wet, it won't dry properly. The paint is a "water cleanup" type, so it is vulnerable to being rinsed off if it rains during the cure time.

Once it's cured, though, then the result is able to withstand very cold temperatures and will shed water (hydrophobic surface).

It has a bit of flex and stretch capability, so it will expand and contract along with whatever it's bonded to. So it should remain stuck to the roof all the way from about 140 degrees F down to at least -40, and ice deposited by freezing rain has a weak bond so as the surface flexes, the ice will crack, break loose, and slough off

It's not as hydrophobic as some of the special anti-ice coatings used on aircraft, or like applying Teflon which is just so slippery that ice and snow slides off even with a very shallow roof slope though. it is optimized for its pigment behavior - a very efficient reflector of light from the thermal infrared spectrum up through visible light and on to UV-A wavelengths. I think it's more than 99% reflective from about 250 nanometers all the way to at least 1500 nanometers.

Not sure about wavelengths in the 10 to 20 micron ranges, which start to get into the blackbody thermal wavelengths emitted from people's skin while shedding metabolic waste heat - the wavelengths used by the Border Patrol to detect illegal immigrants crossing the desert at night..

If computers would quit breaking for a while, I'd get a FLIR camera to play around with at night. Ought to be able to see El Gato Grande (mountain lion) sneaking up on pets and livestock and various 2 legged varmints poking around in the dark, or just look at a running engine to see which exhaust ports are hotter and which are cooler, to indicate cylinders that are misfiring, or infer valve timing problems where it might be prematurely venting combustion gas without it doing useful work in a cylinder.

And of course diagnosing all sorts of electrical and electronics problems like high current bus bar connections that overheat, faulty switches and outlets, bad wiring connections, etc.

Then it would reveal things like hard drives about to fail, CPUs and GPUs with fan problems, light fixtures with bad connections, cars that were just recently driven and parked versus those sitting around, and even to scan the crowd of anti-mask, anti-vax folk at, say, a football game or concert to spot those who are running a fever versus those who are more normal. (although some might just have an ordinary cold or be high on meth, or have hypothyroidism, be doing heavy exertion, suffering from early heat stroke, or other situations that an cause an elevated body temperature)

Kind of strange then that everyone I know of in the office has been fully vaccinated by now, and although in late August we had 4 very mild breakthrough cases (and the whole R&D department got a week off to be sure no one else tested positive), no one has any illnesses like that. One person has had major back surgery since then and has been recovering quite wonderfully.

Then I have had several injuries that resulted in cuts and puncture wounds deep enough to bleed and definite exposure to whatever the cats had on their feet and claws including urine and feces that absolutely got carried into the wounds.

And if they have walked on or stepped in something or other it absolutely is going to be on their claws.

Guess I'm still alive. If vaccine caused any kind of immunodeficiency, such direct exposure to the critters that live in cat feces would have run completely amok even with massive antibiotic treatments.

Everyone else is alive too, including those 62 to 80 year old who got breakthrough infections of Covid after being vaccinated. It didn't cause them to get Covid. They got a much milder case, but they got Covid from the irresponsible walking domestic bio-terrorists who refuse to take measures to prevent its further spread

Meanwhile, there have been co-workers who had to put together funerals for relatives of theirs who believed that vaccines are secret mind control tracking chip delivery devices for the CIA or the lizard people or whatever lunacy Q-Anon and such are peddling today.

Those relatives loudly proclaimed unvaccinated and proud and yada yada. And when they got sick, they took their horse de-wormer and their malaria pills with all the religious fanaticism of those fools who buy Goop products from Gwynth Paltlow ranging from $75 queef candles (probably just slightly rancid fish oil) to $3500 rocks that any competent geologist can pick up out of a stream bed or chip out of an appropriate outcrop from a cliff face.

And none of that stuff worked. Well, it didn't work to relieve their Covid symptoms or bring about a recovery. It did, however, thin out their wallet and reduce the size of their estate so the relatives had to get a cheaper grave stone and have fewer flowers and all that stuff, and of course a little less inheritance.

At least at this Thanksgiving, they didn't have to nod at the idiocy those relatives had been spewing all year or stay in the closet about having gotten the shots lest they get cut out of the will. At least once all the property titles have been properly transferred and the estate fully distributed and closed

Time to drop this article in:

Meanwhile - in August I got "heavily exposed" to people with covid and I didn't get sick or even test positive asymptomatically. So with the Covid exposures and the cat feces brought into a wound I ought to be dead if there was any truth at all to "vaccines cause aids". I guess my Q-Anon conspiracy theory encyclopedia is out of date already. I thought vaccines caused autism according to them. Oh wait I've always been on the autism spectrum although quite high functioning.

Or maybe it was erectile dysfunction. (pulls up some porn - looks down - nope, no problem there either)

Or makes magnets stick to you. Heck I can't keep up with it any more. Got more important things to worry about, like whether or not the water well is going to survive another -4F (-19C) blizzard this winter, or if I can keep enough air conditioning running to survive a +121F (49C) summer

Oh I have been working with some stupendously powerful magnets this year.For safety, you have to store and transport them in their thick reinforced wood and polycarbonate boxes where things like paper clips can still be pulled away without them pinching you, or worse, accidentally get your fingers between a magnet and a piece of steel and get them crushed.

I call them "refrigerator magnets". Not because any sane person would want to use them to hold something to a refrigerator. But because they are powerful enough to pick up the entire refrigerator rather violently, and probably make a very good effort to pick up a small car.

They go in a very special kind of motor / generator that packs a huge amount of horsepower into a very small space.

So after I got my 3rd shot, I demonstrated that there is zero magnetic material in the vaccine. I was able to not only rub my arm right up against the box, but after making dang sure there wasn't any ferrous material in the shop that was uncovered - as it's strong enough to yank stuff from well over a foot away - and made sure the protective clips that keep it from being lifted out of the box were solidly engaged and locked, I slid the protective cover aside and directly shouldered up against the surface of that beast.

That was somewhere around 12,500 gauss flux density that went all the way into my arm, and even all the way through my body, I felt a pencil in my pocket shift and move on the opposite side as it pulled on the thin steel sleeve that holds the eraser. "oh, crap" i thought - if the pencil gets a direct path out of my pocket, it could become quite a projectile. So I carefully turned so the pencil couldn't get away and slid the cover back.

No effect at all. Now whether it deflected red blood cells a little due to the hemoglobin, I didn't stay in direct contact with the thing for more than a couple of minutes.

It was powerful enough though, to feel the dimagnetic effect of it repelling a piece of pure bismuth in earlier experiments and demonstrations of some strange effects of extremely powerful magnetic fields on objects that you normally never expect to see an interaction with.

If you try to slide a sheet of copper clad circuit board material over it, the resistance is substantial, and if you really grab hold of the circuit board blank sheet and give it a really hard shove across one of the magnetic poles, and yank it back and forth a few times, the copper will get rather hot to the touch from the induced electric eddy currents. It makes for excellent resistance type aerobic exercise though, because you can do a lot of physical exertion against an invisible force that tries very effectively to stop the copper sheet from moving.

It's also plenty strong enough to demonstrate other magnetic braking effects in non-magnetic electrical conducting materials. They use this phenomena to stop magnetically levitated high speed trains in Europe and Japan, so they can exert an enormous amount of braking force with no physical contact, so you don't have brake shoes wear out and release toxic dust. You might need to put hollow liquid channels in the material and pump water or other coolant through it to dissipate the heat, which bringing a train from 500 km / h to a stop is a LOT of energy to get rid of.

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From: WALTER784


$1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S) said...

If computers would quit breaking for a while, I'd get a FLIR camera to play around with at night.

An inexpensive small-footprint Linux box with external USB storage should do the trick.


well, while the Pi can and is being used - really several of them - to capture and log certain stuff, video recoding and such require massive amounts of number crunching.

And of coursse there's the more extreme folks who are mining cryptocurrency, which now requires an entire server hall full of 5 ghz processors running massively parallel and the entire output of the Hoover Dam just to power one, plus the water volume of the whole Colorado River to cool the array.