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County Court Actual Lines   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Sep-21 by WALTER784; 65 views.

From: WALTER784


County Court Actual Lines...
Here are a few actual lines spoken by people in county court:
The stolen car fairy?
- Judge to a lawyer who said his client didn't know how a number of stolen cars had ended up on his property.
Fortunately for you sir, there's not a section for gross dumbness in the Criminal Code.
- Judge to a man who reluctantly obeyed police orders to leave an area, yelling "sieg heil" and goose-stepping away.
He is a consumer of judicial services.
- Judge explaining the politically correct way to refer to a criminal.
So how old is your twin brother?
- Judge to a man who had stolen a car with his twin brother, and who had just identified himself as being 18 years old.
This isn't "Let's Make a Deal." Do you see any doors up here?
- Judge to a man who, when asked to choose between a large fine and a short jail term for an impaired driving conviction, wanted to know the range of each to compare them and then decide.