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Foreign Law   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Sep-22 by WALTER784; 67 views.

From: WALTER784


Foreign Law
In England, it is illegal to sell most goods on a Sunday, (this law is mostly ignored), it is however legal to sell a carrot. It is also legal to sell it at any price and to give free gifts with it, such as anything else one might want to buy on a Sunday!
Patent Yourself
Manfred deLisle, a London patent attorney, is offering to file patent claims for the complete genome of any individual who wishes to "preserve his or her commercial options." Several hundred people have signed up for deLisle's services. However, it is anticipated that patent officials will impose extensive documentation demands that will render the scheme impractical.
Amici Curiae
Another London attorney, A. C. Pomeroy, is working with representatives of several major religions to file patent claims for the genetic substance deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), "on behalf of an unspecified deity." Pomeroy's clients will claim that (a) DNA is a patentable invention and (b) the inventor is unable to file a claim personally and so must have his rights protected by a consortium of interested parties. The parties reportedly have agreed to share any royalties that accrue from the patent, on an equal basis.
I understand that in Germany, there is a law that every office must have a view of the sky, however small. So the office buildings are all long and skinny.
In Israel, there's no legal way for a man named Cohen to marry a divorced woman.