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Stick it to Facebook and Twitter...   Knock Knock - Off Topic

Started Apr-1 by WALTER784; 316 views.

From: WALTER784


Well, somebody finally stuck it to them... FINALLY...

Judge Rules Against Twitter In Case Of Suspended Journalist Alex Berenson – “Next Comes Discovery”

By ProTrumpNews Staff
Published April 30, 2022 at 12:00pm

Former New York Times Journalist Alex Berenson was suspended from Twitter after saying COVID vaccines don’t stop infection or transmission.
Berenson sued Twitter over this — and went to court on Thursday over the case.
From Fox News:
Former New York Times reporter and “Pandemia” author Alex Berenson’s lawsuit against Twitter for banning him goes to court Thursday, he told Fox News.
Berenson, whose work now appears on Substack, said he initially filed the lawsuit in December, and that it has survived Twitter’s motion-to-dismiss.
“Our lawsuit, I think, is stronger than a lot of other lawsuits that have not survived the motion-to-dismiss stage,” he said Wednesday on “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”
This lawsuit has survived the motion to dismiss by Twitter.
California judge William Alsup has allowed for the case to move forward and for “expedited & broad discovery” to take place.
We’re going to find out Twitter’s reasoning behind banning Berenson.
From Alex Berenson Substack:
Suffice it to say that from our point of view the most crucial element is the expedited and broad discovery the decision demands. It’s not our request. It’s an order from a federal judge, and Twitter is going to have a hella time slithering out of it.
Here are a few of the questions Berenson has asked Twitter to answer:
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Twitter has some explaining to do!

Judge Rules Against Twitter In Case Of Suspended Journalist Alex Berenson - "Next Comes Discovery" (thegatewaypundit.com)