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So I guess no one here is concerned about all the mass shootings   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started May-24 by The_Rock (JABRONI256); 95 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)

Just popping in to express my profound disappointment in whoever is left commenting here, three mass shootings, maybe four actually in the last month and not one discussion about this, instead the talk is all about cancel culture, Biden's son's laptop, an election that wasn't rigged (but according to certain people it is). Talk about being off the point, or maybe just ignoring it seeing as it doesn't suit your ideological stance. I'm embarrassed for you. 


From: EdGlaze


The forum is primarily about opinion polls.

If you want to discuss aspects of mass shootings create a poll.


From: Showtalk


Is that really necessary? It reflects more about your attitude than anyone else’s. I was gone most of the day and only heard about it tonight.  This is the first chance I had to log on and was going to…..start a poll on the shooting.  Instead of chastising people because you don’t agree with their choice of'posts, which occurred before the shooting made the news, why not just start the topic yourself?  I agree with Ed.  Start a poll.  You were here before I was. Why didn’t you start it?  I know you don’t agree, but everyone has the right to hold the opinions they want to and to talk about any subject they want to or not.  We were getting to this and would have.

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I’m going to close this discussion. I started a poll on the school shooting. Please vote and post there.