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Greatest thing to do for children...   Knock Knock - Off Topic

Started May-28 by WALTER784; 111 views.



Absolutely.  Public schools aren't a place for children to learn reading, writing and math.  They are a place to be told what to think, not how to think.  Marxism, communism and satanism, is what they are taught.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, former senior policy advisor to the U.S. Department of Education.  She was a whistle blower under Regan.  She found all, and I mean ALL, of the documents to prove that it was an evil system, and that it should be abolished and the schools put back into the hands of the local community where the parents can keep a watchful eye on what is taught.  Or home school like they did for 1000s of years.

Anyone that didn't watch the hour long interview with Ms. Charlotte a few years ago, where they gave her the floor without interruption, because the camera man was employed by a """""conspiracy theorist""""" is the same reason today, that most fall for all the lies.  They believe those that are followers of the father of lies.  So what does that make them...followers of the father of lies.


From: WALTER784


The one hour you mentioned was on the floor of Congress...

This is a 5 hour 40 minute interview with her several years after that... she has passed away since then.

Charlotte Iserbyt — Full Interview — The Secret History Of Western Education





It is the interview, but this person added the second one she did about her father in skull and bones.  It also looks like he just repeats it after it's over, because it isn't 5 hours long.  The first one is an hour'ish and then the 2nd was about the same.  So you really only need to watch the first hour, unless you want to also learn about skull and bones.

You will learn a lot listening to her.  The original upload was censored and taken down.  I found this one, which is another person that didn't add in anything of their own.  It's a wonder it wasn't censored.

Watch this one instead:





I'm sad to hear that she passed away, and it was in February.  I spoke with her for a little over an hour, not long after she did the interview.  She was a wonderful lady, wonderful.