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Yellowstone National Park   The Natural You: Wild Kingdom

Started Aug-16 by Breaktrack (breaktrack1); 108 views.

After I retired on Jan 1st, 2014, I left Houston to go to Yellowstone National Park to work in the Reservations Division for the following two years. I worked 4 "seasons", as in two summers, and two winters, finishing up in April of 2016. I've been back to visit several times since then but I hadn't stayed very long. 

Recently I saw where they were soliciting for people to come work the park for about a six week period to take the place of many of the college aged workers who were heading back to school, and it did interest me. Being in a relationship meant checking in with the other half in order to insure domestic tranquility, lol. Knowing me as she does, she encouraged me to go ahead as long as I was back by my birthday (in October) as she likes to take me on trips for my birthday, lol.

So, with all flags flying, I put in for a position and got a positive response. I report Aug 25th and my last day will be October 10th. I put in to work at Lake Hotel, or Grant if not that, and they told me I had a good chance of getting my first choice. It's just manual labor, nothing too exciting or challenging, but you live and work in the park, which is actually the point of the exercise. 

I'll entertain any and all questions as there's not much I like chatting about more than Yellowstone.



From: Showtalk


That’s exciting! What do you do there? 

Right now, with the staff levels changing due to the college kids going back to school, I'll be probably filling in with housekeeping staff, or food service staff, all around whichever location I get assigned to.

Previously I worked in reservations, but they've consolidated all their reservation services for all their operations in Denver.



From: Showtalk


It’s like working and taking a vacation at the same time. It’s such a beautiful area.


From: WALTER784


Good for you... working in a beautiful park like that must be serene to say the least.


Definitely! Working there for two years after my retirement from Law Enforcement was an excellent "decompression period", to say the least. I've been gone from the park, at least working there, since April of 2016, but I've visited fairly regularly on most of my trips out west since then. We'll see how it goes this time.