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Current Government is Illegitimate...   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Sep-30 by WALTER784; 95 views.

From: WALTER784


Government That Doesn’t Comply With the Constitution is Illegitimate

By Andrew Wallace
September 29th, 2022

Every elected official, bureaucrat, flag officer, or judge now employed by Federal Establishment is either a criminal , a coward, or both.  Oh, there are a few among the miscreant Fellow Travelers who protest the criminality, but they are mostly ineffectual.
If you learn nothing else from this paper, know that the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC), the wealthy families, control the large corporations that bribe their government minions to screw the people for power and profit.
Every man, woman and child in this country is being deprived of their God-Given and Constitutionally-Protected Rights that were established and defended by the ultimate sacrifice of patriots for centuries.
Contrary to the Constitution, all political power has been concentrated in the Federal Government for the benefit of the Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC). This treason was accomplished due to the coerced complicity and cowardice of State Governors and elected officials. This was done for power and profit. Those elected to congress from both parties may be wealthy from bribes by the PSRRC, but they are still only minions. A majority of the Federal Government’s powers are usurped and must be returned to the states in compliance with the Constitutional “Enumerated Powers”.
Since a majority of the Federal Government operates Unconstitutionally it is not practical for me to list everything that is unlawful and must be changed. Following are just some of the most critical actions that must be addressed.
1. Terminate the unconstitutional (private!) Federal Reserve Bank which facilitates inflation, wars for profit, depressions and all kinds of skullduggery
2. Return to Constitutional money (which must lawfully be only gold and silver) to stop inflation and reduce theft. Only Congress, not the Federal Reserve Bank, has the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof! Don’t under any circumstances allow the supplanting of digital currency which will control and enslave us.
3. Invaders must be rapidly deported. “Benefits” to Invaders are costing each American $2500 a year in taxes. The cost of deportation will always be less than cost of allowing them to remain. We have no jobs for them because most Invaders don’t speak English and have no education or skills, which is a recipe for a new criminal class. Thirty percent of federal inmates are immigrants.
4. Federal Income tax must be replaced by tariffs which financed our country until 1913. This will allow states to perform proper functions that have been usurped by the Federal Establishment which pretends to be our lawful government.
5. We must take all money out of politics, except for small donations by individuals who can vote for the politicians. The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and corporations must be prohibited from supporting (and influencing and coercing) politicians in any way
6. Governors must guarantee people that they can use force, even deadly force. to protect life and property without being prosecuted. The only way to stop looting and arson is to allow the use of deadly force. Policing must be increased, cash bail retained, and criminals kept in jail.
7. Corporations, media or anyone else cannot be allowed to stop truthful information from reaching the public.
8. Profiting from any market by nefarious means, such as selling a commodity or stock short that you don’t own, must stop.
9. Any elected official who votes for an unconstitutional act or accepts support from anyone other than individual constituents is a criminal, and must be removed from office and prosecuted. Any official violating his solemn Oath to protect and defend our Constitution is automatically removed from office, as performance under that Oath is a non-negotiable qualification to hold that office!
10. Any individual, corporation or organization giving financial or other support to domestic terrorist organizations like Antifa or BLM are to be prosecuted for any theft of organization funds and related criminal acts. It was no accident that this support resulted in the destruction of small business competitors of the large corporate retailers.
11. Any judge who uses the excuse (political or otherwise) of “Lack of Standing” to deny a citizen the right to be heard on violations of any Constitutional issue is to be impeached.
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From: Showtalk



5. We must take all money out of politics, except for small donations by individuals who can vote for the politicians. The Parasitic Super Rich Ruling Class (PSRRC) and corporations must be prohibited from supporting (and influencing and coercing) politicians in any way

Some of what is in the list can’t be done but a few isolated choices could change the trajectory for the better.