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WTF deer   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Nov-27 by WALTER784; 1548 views.

That looks a lot more like an elk.

Bigger, comes further through the windshield, cuts the radiator in two instead of just bend it, bends the frame beyond all hope of repair.


From: Showtalk


It’s a reindeer. It’s flying. There are no flying elks.

Showtalk said:

It’s a reindeer. It’s flying. There are no flying elks

It's jumping.


From: Elarepea


Lucky camera angle making the deer look bigger than it is.  Granted, it is a very nice buck.


From: WALTER784


Elarepea said...

Lucky camera angle making the deer look bigger than it is

Lucky is correct. I doubt it was planned that way and it's probably one of those once in a lifetime shots that you never even had time to think about. 


It's all in the camera angle and the focal length to capture such a shot.

Deer and elk, which are just a much bigger branch of that taxonomic tree, can certainly run quite fast and leap over fences with no real effort.

Having hunted quite a bit in my mis-spent youth, I've seen deer easily leap about 8 feet vertical and close to 25 feet horizontal. To contain deer you have to build about a 12 to 15 foot high fence.

Elk are heavier and normally encountered in higher elevations so we don't see them in west Texas, but they roam all over the town of Ruidoso, NM. Unfortunately, they haven't genetically engineered the elk population to incorporate retroreflective DOT approved red and white filaments in their fur, such as you'd apply to large trailers, or RF transponders that can let smart car hardware triangulate the signal and automatically apply brakes when it detects one on a potential collision course.


The most noticeable difference between elk vs deer is their respective sizes. On average, elk grow much larger than common deer species such as white-tailed deer, red deer, roe deer, and mule deer. Elk sport thicker, more robust bodies, and stand taller at the shoulders.


There over 90 species that comprise the deer (Cervidae) family, a group of grazing ruminants that includes animals like moose, reindeer, elk, and white-tailed deer. So, when we use the word deer, we can mean the whole family or some specific species within that family. For example, there are some clear differences between an animal like an elk and other deer. In this Deer vs Elk comparison, we’ll explore these differences and compare Elk to other species of deer.

In Brief: What is the Difference Between Elk and Deer?

While all elk are deer, not all deer are elk. Every species of deer is unique, and the Elk is one beautiful and impressive species within the Cervidae (deer) family