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Atomic Clocks   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Feb-6 by WALTER784; 63 views.

From: WALTER784


Atomic Clocks
The senior center got new clocks for all the rooms last month and when I went in, I saw it hadn't changed for the end of daylight savings time, so I took it down thinking it wasn't an atomic clock, but it is!  Only the DST auto hadn't been turned on, so I turned it on, but it still didn't update.  I changed the time zone and then turned it to EST, and it still didn't and there didn't seem to be a way to adjust the time.
Then I had a walk-in come in and that was followed by my 11:00 person.  Somehow, we got onto the clock, and I googled it.  I didn't find a manual but did find out it updates at midnight, so we'll see if it's right tomorrow.
Looking farther I thought the written description for the clock was seriously funny.  Here goes:
1.) Atomic Wall Clocks Battery Operated with Alarm - This digital calendar alarm day clock required 3 “AA” long life batteries (Not included) for operation, no redundant wires, easy to use. Turn on the alarm clock before going to bed, it will wake you up in the morning.
Wow! Amazing! Would it really work for those folks who could have a bomb go off and nothing wakes them up?  ..... But it's easy and no redundant wires.  LOL
2.) Clock with Temperature and Humidity - Excellent wall clocks for living room, office, bathroom decor, etc. Help you monitor indoor temperature and humidity to avoid cold.
I thought of having a clock like that in my bathroom all steamed up but found it ridiculous that this clock can help me avoid the cold!
3.) Atomic Clock Large Display for seniors - WallarGe atomic clock has been designed with absolute simplicity in mind, you can also set it manually without any more ado.
Nowhere can you find how to set the time if it's wrong although I was able to find something when I googled it.  So much for "ado".
4.) This digital calendar alarm day clock can help you keep track of dates, days of the week and times to avoid missing any important meetings, appointments or anniversaries, work well for work, study or travel schedule.
How is it going to do that?  It's a clock, not with some reminder or notification thing?  By this time, I couldn't stop laughing.
Who writes this stuff?