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New Pastor   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Apr-1 by WALTER784; 30 views.

From: WALTER784


New Pastor
At a small country church in the south, the congregation waited for the new Pastor to deliver his first sermon. After only five minutes of some really good preaching, he quickly closed his message and dismissed. They were really quite amazed, but decided to wait to see what would happen the following Sunday.
Next Sunday, he approached the pulpit and gave a wonderful sermon that lasted a "just right" 40 minutes.
However, the next Sunday morning message he delivered went on and on and on for over three hours.
Well, a message too short they could handle, but not one that went on for hours and hours, so the Deacon Board called the Pastor in. They explained to him that they felt the message was way too long, and by the way things were going they were afraid he would preach for two days straight next time.
The Pastor apologized and explained in the following manner.
"On my first day here, I just had all my teeth extracted, and my mouth was very sore, hence the short message. The next week, I had my dentures fitted and was feeling fine, just a normal sermon. However, the day I went on and on and on, well, I accidentally had grabbed my wife's dentures".