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Attacks on freedom of speech & thought   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started May-26 by WALTER784; 146 views.

From: WALTER784


The attack on freedom of speech and freedom of thought to forcibly shape society continues

MAY 3, 2023

Last week, Ireland made it a crime to possess “hateful” content – legislation was passed that is intended to control people’s thoughts and words.
The week before, nine teachers in Belgium were suspended and are being investigated by police for “hateful” messages shared in a private WhatsApp group.
In the UK, internet users may not be able to access Wikipedia due to the proposed Online Safety Bill.
And in the USA, the big tech/corporate media/federal government propaganda machine is attacking the Supreme Court for being conservative. Meanwhile, AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton, who is stepping down from Google, tells MIT Technology Review why he’s now scared of the technology he helped to usher in.
Ireland passes “hate speech” laws that will make possessing “hateful” content on your devices a jailable offense
By Gateway Pundit
Last week, lawmakers in Ireland passed legislation that will make it a crime to possess “hateful” content on your phone and computer devices which can result in prison time.  Of course, the bill does not define “hateful speech.”
Elaine Mullally tweeted: “Everyone needs to be aware that this legislation is wide open to interpretation, someone can end up in very deep water without ever intending. The legislation is intended to control people’s thoughts and words! It’s not a positive step for free speech!” Mullally has issued an invite to join her on Twitter Spaces:
Belgium: No one escapes the New Morality
By Mattias Desmet
Nine teachers of a Belgian sports school were suspended because they exchanged “homophobic, sexist and racist” messages in a private WhatsApp group. “Whistle-blowers” had complained to the school’s management that they shared such messages about colleagues and students. The teachers were immediately suspended and an investigation into inappropriate behaviour was launched.
I don’t really know how sexist and how racist those teachers truly are. If the headlines are to be believed, they are quite some monsters. Anyway, if I read the newspapers, then I myself am also a far-right ideologue of anti-government extremism. I didn’t know that myself until I read it in the papers.
What made me particularly frown is that I’m not entirely sure whether what those teachers say in a private WhatsApp group should actually be made the subject of scrutiny by anyone.
A few days later, I frowned even more. I then read in the newspapers that the police had visited some of those teachers to confiscate their mobile phones. Apparently, the public prosecutor’s office had also launched an investigation.
There are plenty of people applauding enthusiastically. Scum must be eradicated. No safe spaces or closed WhatsApp groups for that. The New Morality is one hundred percent correct – it should not be less ambitious. And the people who are satisfied that a gang of bastards have been exposed are, of course, pure to the core of their biochemistry.
I would just like to point out something: the dynamics that are going on now ultimately spare no one. No one has control over it. Not even those who enthusiastically go along with it. Before they know it, these people sometimes discover to their own astonishment, with or without some help from the police, that they themselves are a bit of scum in the depths of their own minds.
And also at their public execution, a mass of pure New Citizens will clap their hands in approval. The enthusiasm about the New Morality eventually becomes so great that anyone can bring anyone to the scaffold.
That is precisely the key characteristic of mass formation: it sucks all solidarity out of the bond between people and injects it all into the bond between man and collective (i.e., the state).
Wikipedia to be banned in the UK to push Online Safety Bill campaign
By Brit Max News
The organisation that runs the world’s most popular online encyclopaedia, Wikipedia, has warned that it may be banned from the United Kingdom as a result of forthcoming
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From: Alfi (THIALFI)


I don't know how much of a bond there will be between man and collective. I envision small groups of people communicating among themselves and confining their interactions with government to filling out required forms (e.g. taxes) and otherwise going about their lives with little interest in society as a whole. Of course, that's not good for the society.


From: WALTER784


I think it will break down into two groups.

One is the nanny state government sheeple who depend upon the government for their mere survival and will rat out anybody who doesn't follow the collective's narrative. They will always whine and complain that they need more, but they have no choice but to do with what ever little the government gives them. Some might even break out into the second group below!

The other group is those who strive to survive with as little government intervention as possible. Eventually, they will have to face the draconian government and do what ever is necessary to survive outside of the government and it's sheeple!


  • Edited May 29, 2023 11:05 pm  by  WALTER784