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9 Reasons Why Computers are Female   The Jovial You: Humor, Jokes and Riddles

Started Jun-3 by WALTER784; 50 views.

From: WALTER784


9 Reasons Why Computers are Female
What sex is your computer?
No scientific experiments has given the final results yet, but... Here you'll find 9 good reasons to believe why FEMALE is the right answer.
1. Nobody besides the person who created them is able to understand their logic.
2. Even your smallest mistake is stored immediately in memory, only to be a problems later on - when you're not expecting it.
3. Their internal language - that they use for communication between the two - NO ONE else is able to understand but themselves.
4. The message "Bad command or filename" is just as informative as "If you don't understand why I'm angry with you, then I have no intension of telling you!"
5. When you've finally decided to have one you'll know you spend lots of money on accessories for it.
6. The system breaks down at least once a month - or more often...
7. The computer needs the EXACT words from you.
8. You're spending 70% of your time trying to understand how it works.
9. Anyway... you have to admit the fact once you've had one you wouldn't like to live without it.