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Did you celebrate Clean Your Refrigerator Day on 11/15?   The Nurturing You: Feel Good, Fun and Helpful Polls

Started Nov-15 by Showtalk; 375 views.

Poll Question From Showtalk


Did you celebrate Clean Your Refrigerator Day on 11/15?
  • Yes, I did1  vote
  • No, I did not8  votes
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Yes, I did 
No, I did not 

Never knew there was such a thing. But then I was performing an exorcism on a mobile phone most of the evening. An errant app used about 400 meg of data right up until I went to the AT&T website and shut off mobile data for that phone.

That's when, suddenly cut off from whatever nefarious malware behavior it was trying to do, the demon manifested as the GUI front screen just vanished. Some other internal settings were changed, but I finally got that under control again, identified the app that had burned through so much data, and uninstalled it successfully - I think.

But since my plan always re-starts on the 15th, the errant app had been poised like a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier catapult, engines revved up to max, so that at the stroke of midnight it was again launched, gobbling up data faster than a jet scrambled onto a combat mission.

Going in to the web based parental controls and shutting the data off as soon as I got up on the 15th, made it stop almost as fast as a Russian MIG a few seconds after a Ukrainian SAM flies up the tailpipe and detonates.

I found and successfully removed a few other bits of "foistware" that kept appearing annoyingly, like the default Samsung news feed app (disabled that really - have to root the phone to truly remove some factory installed crapware).

Time will tell. So technically I did some clean out but it was on a phone, rather than a refrigerator.


From: WALTER784 


You need to use some anti-virus wipes on it...



From: Showtalk 


That was more useful. There are days for everything now. It’s probably all woke nonsense but this one is funny.

Well, tonight I didn't clean my refrigerator but I cleaned the stove. It is now cleaner than it has been in a very long time.

It positively sparkles. Amazing what finding the right easy to apply cleaning chemicals can do to break down stuff where a little bit of elbow grease can really clean off burnt-on residue around and under the burners.


From: Showtalk 


What chemical did you use? I need to clean mine.

A spray stuff called "Kaboom". It essentially is a blend of OxiClean, dilute hydrochloric acid, and some other detergents.

You let it soak for about 30 minutes, then scrub with a stainless steel pot scrubber to break up really heavily caked on stuff, while the detergent mix helps keep it all in suspension as a kind of "glop" that you can then soak up and discard with a few paper towels.

It took me nearly a full roll, because there was an entire hot weather season caked on, when it was too hot to really do heavy duty cooking.

I'm fixing to attack the countertop and table tonight, since that is also heavily grunged from stuff the animals got up and spilled, then tracked everywhere.


From: Showtalk 


Your $1,000 cats.  I don’t let mine get that dirty so it doesn’t require scrubbing, just soaking with wet sponges or damp towels.

THey track stuff up onto every horizontal surface. And there's that one rescue cat, that actually set her own tail on fire a few days ago, because she jumped up on the stove and directly exposed herself to the open flame. Same cat singed her whiskers about 4 seconds later. The stench of burnt cat hair wafted through the whole house.

And that cat doesn't really like being held. I cut through some huge clumps using industrial wire clippers. They can snip very fast so get a clump in the jaws and cut through, which then releases the tool as the cat growls and turns around.

This breaks enough fibers in the clump that often it can later be brushed out later,


From: Showtalk 


That sounds dangerous. You remind me again why I went with dogs instead of cats.