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Jeri (azpaints) said:

How were the police marking cars?

While so far the details still remain murky, I'd suspect with paintball guns. Mostly because it's a quick and easy way to mark a vehicle or other moving object from a fairly safe distance. Just a good splat on the trunk lip, bumper, a tail light, or even license plate.

One could even use different colors at different places to later sort out where the vehicle was.

Paintballs are *allegedly* washable without too much damage, but - about 20 years ago some of us splatted a door on one of my old junker cars and didn't get around to washing it off for a few days, and it did damage the finish, what little of it was still there since the clear coat was long gone.

That specific vehicle is now sitting on blocks accompanied by a couple of deceased appliances in true redneck style, and all you can really tell is a slight difference in the way the door faded.

Showtalk said:

That happened to me a few times going to lunch with a group. Two people always ordered expensive things and then wanted to split the check evenly. I said no, and they got upset. We stopped going to lunches.

Classic reason to stop going to lunches with certain people, yes.


From: Showtalk


Yes. We didn’t need to go anymore so we quit.  

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


 I remember when my sister got married (decades ago) and my brother stopping the groom's friends from spray painting Just Married on the car cause he was part of Andy Granatelli's race team and knew the paint would destroy the finish on her new car.  

In the good old days we'd use white shoe polish on the back glass, where it would wash off. Although some people used shaving cream.

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints)


Shaving cream was a favorite!  Chalk was favored for a while.

Shaving cream, shoe polish, and chalk sure bring back memories.