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Should instructions to mobs on how to remove statues be published in detail?   The Serious You: Politics

Started Jun-20 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 5561 views.
Showtalk said:

The people who end up arrested are probably just angry and caught up in the moment. They didn’t fund or plan it.

That's the reason to quietly identify all of those players, but then examine footage and media posts to specifically identify the instigators, the ones that incited the mob at the scene.

Then go after the ringleaders, come down hard enough on those few to make an example out of them.

That's often rather effective, especially if one or two who led the way end up arrested, tried, convicted, and get handed down a very stiff sentence. Then in the press conference, kind of hint that "other investigations are pending". Even if none of the rest are indicted, it would keep the rest looking over their shoulders for the rest of their lives.

Or just indict the rest right before the statute of limitations is up, but plea those down to something with community service and anger management with probation for a while so they have to keep their nose clean.

MerlinsDad said:

Perhaps a phone number to call the crane would be more appropriate.

"Fly Bye Knight Crane Company. Cash Only. For all your illegal statue removal needs. Call 867-5309. Ask for Jenny"


"All our operators are trained but license was revoked"

No legitimate crane company would touch an illegal removal with a ten meter cattle prod.

Fly by Night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEVDZl5UvN4


From: MerlinsDad 



The city or county could have a contract with Fly Bye Knight as they do with the company which hauls one car away if illegally parked.  That way the statue could be safely stored until the next time it's needed.

But unlike an illegally parked car, this is rioters destroying statues with no authorization to do so. The city might have some outfit to do "rescue archaeology" the next morning, of whatever was left, and haul the remnants to some secure area, but that' a whole other thing than a proper legislative process to remove one from a public place.

Then some of the ones destroyed were on private property, which technically is felony criminal mischief.


From: Showtalk 


Yes, I doubt many will get actual jail time.


From: MerlinsDad 


If they're going to pull it down, the city or county or state at least ought to provide them with a crane service to do it right.  There would be less damage to the statues and to onlookers

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints) 


I often get an attack of "oppositional behavior"...aka teenage behavior.

what about removing all statues erected to celebrate any general of the civil war, north or south.  Move all the Union statues to the south, and all the confederate statues to the north.  (Looking innocently around).

MerlinsDad said:

If they're going to pull it down, the city or county or state at least ought to provide them with a crane service to do it right. There would be less damage to the statues and to onlookers

If they're going to "lawfully" pull it down with proper authorization, then the city or county or state resources would be used to do it right. When it's a  howling mob just toppling a statue like a rioting mob uprooting the goalposts after a major football game in the 1960s or 1970s, no outfit with any sense of civil liability exposure is going to touch that kind of thing with a ten meter cattle prod. I know people who regularly work with things like radio towers and other lifting jobs, and they say there's no way any of them would expose themselves to a lawsuit by participating in such a thing.

Then since these are unauthorized and thus illegal activities, not only would a crane resource be fully exposed to any civil liabilities but also criminal liabilities for aiding and abetting (and materially participating in) a fairly serious crime that ranks up there pretty close to arson in seriousness.

They'd be out of business in a heartbeat. Same with city or county - they aren't going to aid and abet in a criminal destruction of public or private property just because a howling mob wants a statue gone "right now, tonight". All that kind of stuff has to go through channels and all the proper legal I's must be dotted and T's must be crossed, agreements signed, and all that stuff.


From: MerlinsDad 


That might work.  Most of them are pretty boring. I doubt that many would even notice the switch


From: MerlinsDad 


I worry about people being hurt.  There must be a good way to prevent the destructors from being injured in the process since you insist that we can't make cranes available to make it safe.