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Do some cities need more police?   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Jun-22 by Showtalk; 346 views.

That has a sense of deja-vu of the kind of stuff that you'd see in the Middle East, such as the West Bank, or Eastern Europe during a few events where the maps were re-drawn in the aftermath.


At least so far we aren't seeing the construction of a Berlin Wall that cuts the city in two. Probably because the rabble doing this stuff don't have a superpower such as the Soviet Union backing them, or a kind of near homogenous population such as the Kurds, or similar centuries / millennia old tribes that pre-date the rise of the modern nation-state.

Well, unrelated, my engineering workstation is on hour 38 of backing up the entire hard drive. It's progressing, although slowly. It might take until Saturday to finish. I saw it working on recycle bin stuff late yesterday afternoon (which I thought had been actually emptied before booting up with the full backup utility disc). But it's worth the wait as who knows what forgotten stuff is on there that has accumulated over the past few years that might actually be needed, and then stuff that really shouldn't just be left on there as who knows where that computer will eventually end up.

Once this version backup is complete and the external drive safely stashed away, then I can go through the log and see what really should be properly erased before leaving that computer behind forever a week from today.


From: Showtalk 


That back up is a huge job.  

Now it's still chugging. It's actually going through a music collection that I forgot was on the system. At 5  PM it will have been going for 48 hours solid.

A verbose file and path listing of the entire directory tree and all of the files including the operating system and other stuff in addition to user data, was 132 megabytes of text.

Just got a text from someone that said the city of Odessa is about to make wearing masks mandatory again to try and get ahead of new outbreaks as protestors and Trump rally attendees bring home an unwanted souvenir.

I told him maybe that's what's needed - because there are too many pendejos not wearing masks all over. Of course the message that one is "wimpy" to wear a mask didn't help. I said visualize it like wearing seat belts. Yeah, it takes a little more hassle to buckle up but if you get into a crash it is likely to save your life or avoid serious injury, and more important than that, it keeps you from being thrown away from the vehicle controls in a side or quartering impact, and thus might save the lives of bystanders because it improves the odds that you can alter the trajectory of your vehicle a little bit and miss them.

Even if some 80% to 90% compliance can be achieved, that will significantly cut the transmission rate down. If we can consistently keep transmission ratios below 1, and ideally below 0.5, then the virus will mostly peter out except in the reservoir of those asymptomatic spreaders who will defiantly say "I don't need no steenkin' (cough, wheeze)  mask. Those are for wimps.")

I'm thinking of a T shirt.


From: Showtalk 


The easiest is for masks to be required everywhere.  Then if they happen to work, great, if not it’s nothing more than an annoyance.  

Yep. Even if masks are a long ways from 100% effective, if it brings the transmission rates below 1, it will keep new cases from rising exponentially.

From what I've been reading, even young and healthy individuals can be laid low by this disease, and it's a dice roll as to whether or not one becomes an asymptomatic carrier or is really debilitated. There are some long term disabilities that some people have developed already, that are now going on for 5 or 6 months now.

We're talking the sorts of chronic symptoms that effectively make it nearly impossible to make a living at most things - kind of like fibromyalgia-like symptoms, extreme chronic fatigue, where just getting up to take a shower or go pee can be absolutely exhausting.

That kind of level of disability is petty scary, especially since getting the kind of care one needs if they get this form of it can be daunting.

Then there's others who think they recovered, and like shingles or malaria, may have flare-ups months later. And they still don't know for sure if one still has the virus and it has made a come-back, or if there is ongoing long term damage from an immune system now on a hair trigger.

I need to design a T shirt that would convey the message in a way that resonates even with the toughest hold-outs who think wearing a mask is "wimpy". And maybe makes them think - how would they and their family handle it if they ended up bed-ridden for months? What if they are unable to return to work for months or years? Some outcomes from a financial standpoint and a productivity standpoint are actually worse than dying from it.


From: Showtalk 


Yes, that is one side effect. I just heard from someone who is in the medical field who said at least one coworker is out, due to Covid and will not return.  The person had terrible side effects and is permanently disabled.  They don’t talk about that much, only death rates and recovery rates.

Showtalk said:

he person had terrible side effects and is permanently disabled. They don’t talk about that much, only death rates and recovery rates.

And I know too many people who are on disability. It is a system designed to trap them in poverty, basically just warehoused in subsidized housing and unable to build up any financial cushion to handle emergencies - with a stipend for such things as food, internet, etc. that is well below the poverty level and only a tiny fraction of the true cost of living, which means they are constrained to having to get subsidies for everything.

For someone who was a productive member of society, it's often what they say is a fate worse than death. It's just merely existing, but not allowed to really do anything else.


From: Showtalk 


Hopefully some will recover enough to do productive work.

I hope so. But we are only about 6 months into really studying this disease. It is certainly possible that some may never be the same again even years or decades after having had the disease, much like some never can recover completely from certain traumatic injuries.


... When I spoke with LeClerc on day 66, she was still experiencing waves of symptoms. “Before this, I was a fit, healthy 32-year-old,” she said. “Now I’ve been reduced to not being able to stand up in the shower without feeling fatigued. I’ve tried going to the supermarket and I’m in bed for days afterwards. It’s like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.” Despite her best efforts, LeClerc has not been able to get a test, but “every doctor I’ve spoken to says there’s no shadow of a doubt that this has been COVID,” she said. Today is day 80. ...

... The notion that most cases are mild and brief bolsters the belief that only the sick and elderly need isolate themselves, and that everyone else can get infected and be done with it. “It establishes a framework in which ‘not hiding’ from the disease looks a manageable and sensible undertaking,” writes Felicity Callard, a geographer at the University of Glasgow, who is on day 77. As the pandemic discourse turns to talk of a second wave, long-haulers who are still grappling with the consequences of the first wave are frustrated. “I’ve been very concerned by friends and family who just aren’t taking this seriously because they think you’re either asymptomatic or dead,” said Hannah Davis, an artist from New York City, who is on day 71. “This middle ground has been hellish.” ...