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Would you wear a T shirt promoting mask wearing and / or social distancing?   The Social You: Interactive

Started Jun-27 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 744 views.

I'm thinking about something ilke "Real Men Wear Masks". That might reach more of los pendejos locos who continue to run about exhaling their asymptomatic virus.


I'd like to see a whole "gang" of people wearing masks and T shirts "invade" the local WalMart or HEB or such while shopping, in sufficient numbers to really shame those who won't.

Another idea - a comic strip style T shirt design. first frame shows some dude not wearing a mask. Thought bubble says "masks are for wimps".

Next frame. Someone else unmasked coughs out droplets that first dude inhales.

Next frame. Dude greets wife kids and parents.

Next frame. They're all sick.

Next frame. They're watching a funeral on their computer screen.

Last frame. Huge stack of bills, house foreclosure, financial catastrophe. Large caption: Covid-19. You can't afford it.

--- inspired by an anti-DUI campaign a few years ago that showed fines, court costs, license suspension, huge stack of bills and said "DUI - You can't afford it."

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints) 


I found a website for women's tshirts with a lot of interesting says.  One was:


Producing and marketing the shirts could be challenging.  Our old neighbor's dad owned a screen printing shop for custom shirts and he ended up going to work at Wallyworld business was so bad.



From: Showtalk 


That is a good idea.

So what do the 86 and 45 mean?

Jeri (azpaints)

From: Jeri (azpaints) 


86 is a bar term:  thrown out to never be allowed back in; 45 is the current President...

Oh. Having not darkened the door of a bar since over a decade before those legally able to drink there today were even conceived, I'd have never guessed that term.


From: kizmet1 


"I have a virus. Keep your distance"

To be used in crowds where there are not enough seats.

kizmet1 said:

"I have a virus. Keep your distance" To be used in crowds where there are not enough seats.

and one doesn't have to specify what kind of virus. If one has ever had chicken pox, for example, technically they still have the virus lurking to return as shingles decades later.