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Do you feed birds?   The Natural You: Wild Kingdom

Started 6/30/20 by MerlinsDad; 9056 views.

Well, i could sit around and watch TV in my underwear with a 4 day stubble all day while drinking Duff beer.

But since there hasn't been jack from the unemployment stuff we were supposed to get because their system is hopelessly broken, I better hustle before savings eventually run dry.


From: MerlinsDad 


I think you enjoy being busy.  In my experience, most do.

Yeah I can't stand being idle for long periods of time even though I can certainly appear quite lazy when I do get some time to rest.


From: MerlinsDad 


Which is often the case with those who like to stay busy,  When it's time to loaf, they loaf.

I tend to have trouble completely shifting gears away from stuff at the proper times, because it takes me a while to get momentum going.


From: MerlinsDad 


I can understand with the many different things you take on.

I'm watching the thermometer more than the clock to decide when to wade deeper into stuff out in the shop building.

It has been a nice overcast day and I've been lazy all day long.


From: MerlinsDad 


I hope you enjoyed it.  It rained Friday and Saturday, so I judged it too wet to work in the yard on Sunday.  I, too, took the day off.  Enjoyed a Camilla Lackberg novel. Out at 8 this morning to work the gardens.