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The dangers of a re-centralized internet   The Online You: Internet Life

Started Jul-29 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 291 views.

Well, the technique of "brushing" is one of the ways unscrupulous folks evidently game the system, by creating actual tracking numbers, so the only real expense is the postage and paperwork to make the packets of strange seeds look like it's an actual product sale, which lets the sock accounts that impersonate real people post reviews tied to that shipment.


...  he most likely explanation for the mystery seeds (other than world domination by invasive flora) is a good, old-fashioned scam.  Jane Rupp, president of the Better Business Bureau’s Utah chapter, told FOX 13 in Salt Lake City that it’s a common scheme known as “brushing.” An unscrupulous vendor selling on a website like Amazon or AliExpress somehow gets your address, creates a fake account with your name and address, sends you a cheap product, and then posts a fake, but glowing review of the product under your name.

Forbes explains the rationale for this bizarre scam:

To the platform and other users, these faux reviews appear to be from legitimate and verified sales. Beyond the benefit of favorable reviews, simply having additional sales is often enough to raise a product in the rankings of some e-commerce sites, such as Amazon.

As far as scams go, it’s pretty innocuous, albeit unsettling. The “victims” are almost never billed for the items, and some even wish they’d be the victims of a brushing scam.

So that's essentially one of the ways fake reviews can be "laundered" to fool the algorithms


From: Showtalk


Amazon doesn’t support that and will remove a seller if they can document they use brushing.

Indeed, but it takes a while for them to discover it, and then those sellers overseas can re-incarnate as something else eventually, so it becomes whack-a-mole.