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New Yorkers Abandon Ship in Mad Dash for Exits   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Aug-12 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 252 views.

If there is heavy gentrification, yes.

Because that drives up the cost of living for those who weren't making $15,000 a month or more.


From: kizmet1


Only $15,000? Those poor people. How they must suffer?

Yeah, they must suffer a lot. Only able to have a cleaning maid come in every Sunday, and only afford a Beamer while their richer friends have a Rolls-Royce or a Lamborghini. And they can only send their kids to the cheap private school or the Catholic parochial school instead of the Ivy League prep school.


Yeah, the "Karens" are despondent that they can't go shopping in the luxury shops on the way to their 3rd week long vacation in the Hamptons.

Unfortunately some of them have metastasized into Texas.

But a lot of the others are still in New York and surrounds, terrorizing the low-paid retail clerks and waitstaff, etc. that still have jobs.

I need to post a caricature of "Karens! They aren't just asking to speak to the manager any more" - and it's a parody of a movie poster of some kind of zombie movie or monster / alien invasion movie


From: kizmet1


Awww. Be gentle with them. They don't know they are a problem.