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Have you ever been awakened by a loud noise no one else heard? (SNP)   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started 8/17/20 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 12486 views.

Maybe a bug can be found, or possibly a fix that doesn't break something else. It can take 3 minutes for the complete edit screen to fully load. Not always but it's due to slow and laggy connections.

It depends on the computer, too.

I have one notebook that, while kind of slow, didn't lag and it may have just died this afternoon when water splashed on the keyboard. That was the favorite one to do forums and stuff because being portable, I could carry it to wherever I was doing things.

There are a couple of others, but they have issues of their own. I need to crank up the 12 year old Dell notebook which happens to be a 64 bit and would let me install Ubuntu 18.04-LTS, but it's kind of slow to boot and seems to have some other issues, since modern on-line stuff requires what would have been a top of the line multi-core maxed out gaming machine a few years ago.

Thus bloatware in operating systems and on-line stuff all produce enormous demands on systems so it can take 20 minutes to just write a letter using a million times the computational horsepower we used to land on the moon.

The GUI interface, multiple fonts, and of course with Windows, all the "phone home" and sifting through everything you do so it is a good little spy for the Thought Police, all of that eats up a LOT of RAM, a lot of processor cycles, ties up entire cores, and burns through your available internet bandwidth pretty fast. Throw in the Russian botnet load that malware adds to your system to help your smart light bulbs and refrigerators run Twitter bots, Facebook bots, online illegal sales, keep backup copies of ch*|d p0*n and such, and it's a wonder the internet still works at all.

And of course there's always those full video ads that obnoxiously are served up from news sites, or the ones that figure out your machine never fetched their malware riddled ads at all, and instead of the content it serves up a "I see you're running an ad blocker".

Like "Yes, of COURSE I'm running an ad blocker - for the same reason a space capsule has a heat shield on it, to protect the occupants from the intense heat of re-entering the atmosphere. Because your obnoxious ads bring my network to its knees. And if you refuse to serve up the content, I can feed the couple of lines from the preview link into some search engines and probably find the whole article that someone else managed to bootleg, because until your outfit learns some basic network etiquette, all you are doing is driving a lot of traffic away from your site. And furthermore, I intentionally will boycott any product that is spamvertized by some obnoxious ad that keeps me from getting to the meat of the article. Quit doubling down, maybe just put little one-liner text things that don't kill my bandwidth, and I'll be nice and let some ads pass. But when these ads show up like an attacking army in force, their attack will be met with all the resistance as if it were an invading army, with whatever can be brought to bear to stop them.

"And I'm mild mannered compared to some. Maybe that latest DDOS attack was some disgruntled person who just wanted to see a simple news article, you flooded him with crap, so he didn't get mad - he took another swig of his Mountain Dew, crunched another Dorito or two, wiped them on his 3 month old dirty shirt, and with a few crumbs falling out of his beard, he called in a favor from someone in Russia that helped him mine a couple of bitcoins last month so he could stay in his parents' basement, pay the electric bill, and order himself a nice new waifu body pillow."

At least that's the internal dialog I kind of think of when I see those obnoxious ads - lol.


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How much water splashed? Can you dry it out?  Your area is very hot right now.

  • Edited August 19, 2020 12:18 pm  by  Showtalk

I was rinsing out a tub with a hose about 10 feet away. It was probably as much as 1/4 cup that hit the actual keyboard.

Once I realized what had happened, I removed power, removed the battery, and ultimately had the entire motherboard out to try and remove all traces of corrosion and such.

I got it totally dry, clean as could be determined, put it back together, and it refuses to boot. There is power consumption happening but further troubleshooting will require a LOT of time and energy to find what the moisture killed.


Not that particular model. It's been discontinued for a while. But I want to find one that is a lot faster to boot and to run, that can handle more memory, has maybe at least 6 to 8 cores at around 4 to 5 ghz. It needs to have a longer battery life, and much more responsive video playback.


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Can you build your own computer? Use Linux?

Need one to start with. Could look on Ebay and find a replacement motherboard. I took the DIMM module out and if I get into town today I'll stop at Worst Buy Best Buy and see if they can test the module or not. If the motherboard is damaged, then probably someone has one on-line.

I found about 3 different motherboards, and of course the descriptions are kind of cryptic. So I have to copy / paste the part numbers into Google to maybe learn what the difference is, get out the screwdriver and take the thing apart again and photograph some markings, and finally find out if it what is in it now is the highest performance one, or if an upgrade is possible.

I'm finding "new old stock" for about $50 to $60, but I also know that processor clock speed does not always indicate overall performance, as a 4 core is going to be faster than a 2 core if the OS is properly optimizing them for load balancing.