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Have you ever been awakened by a loud noise no one else heard? (SNP)   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started 8/17/20 by $1,661.87 in cats (ROCKETMAN_S); 12448 views.

I was rinsing out a tub with a hose about 10 feet away. It was probably as much as 1/4 cup that hit the actual keyboard.

Once I realized what had happened, I removed power, removed the battery, and ultimately had the entire motherboard out to try and remove all traces of corrosion and such.

I got it totally dry, clean as could be determined, put it back together, and it refuses to boot. There is power consumption happening but further troubleshooting will require a LOT of time and energy to find what the moisture killed.


Not that particular model. It's been discontinued for a while. But I want to find one that is a lot faster to boot and to run, that can handle more memory, has maybe at least 6 to 8 cores at around 4 to 5 ghz. It needs to have a longer battery life, and much more responsive video playback.


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Can you build your own computer? Use Linux?

Need one to start with. Could look on Ebay and find a replacement motherboard. I took the DIMM module out and if I get into town today I'll stop at Worst Buy Best Buy and see if they can test the module or not. If the motherboard is damaged, then probably someone has one on-line.

I found about 3 different motherboards, and of course the descriptions are kind of cryptic. So I have to copy / paste the part numbers into Google to maybe learn what the difference is, get out the screwdriver and take the thing apart again and photograph some markings, and finally find out if it what is in it now is the highest performance one, or if an upgrade is possible.

I'm finding "new old stock" for about $50 to $60, but I also know that processor clock speed does not always indicate overall performance, as a 4 core is going to be faster than a 2 core if the OS is properly optimizing them for load balancing.

Fixing to go take it apart again to make a positive ID on the motherboard and processor, then google each of the options to work out the performance capabilities and interchangeability.

And then order the highest performance one a seller has that has been fully tested and has some kind of warranty - maybe an exchange if it's truly DOA.

If it can handle 32 gb of RAM then I'll do that upgrade too just in case the damage messed up the DIMM.


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That’s a good plan.

Have pictures, ready to Google specs and then decide which one to click on "Buy it Now".