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Deceptive political videos on Facebook and Twitter   The Newsy You: News of Today

Started Sep-1 by MerlinsDad; 1140 views.

Yep. When I read about that Nigerian 419 scam, and hear of someone who is still so naive (or desperately suspending disbelief) to fall for it, I picture Eddie Murphy in "Coming to America"


From: Showtalk


That was a good movie at the time.

I ought to see if I can find an old VHS of it. Don't know if it ever went onto DVD. I remember more scenes from "Beverly Hills Cop"

Worst case, I know someone who has a whole room full of boxes of VHS tapes and even more DVDs. And has some working VCRs and video capture cards, so if it's in his collection, and can find it, I can probably watch it the following weekend.


From: Showtalk


That is nice, a home library.

The deceased's families often sell off all those old tapes and DVDs for less than 2% of the original selling price. $5 for a box with about a hundred things in it can be well under 1% of retail.


From: Showtalk


Or donate them.  I went to an estate sale when I was driving by and saw things marked way up over what they were worth.

Showtalk said:

Or donate them. I went to an estate sale when I was driving by and saw things marked way up over what they were worth.

I have seen those, as have everyone else I know that prowls them. Generally when there's multiple estate sales, we divide up the ones to check out, then exchange texts over whatever might be a real bargain, versus what's a rip-off.

Usually we'll have at least one accomplice next to a real computer and fast internet connection to google and search for similar items on Ebay and then reply with what the same item is trending towards.

So the bargains, we'll snap up fast and then divide up the loot later, while the really over-priced stuff is left behind. Sometimes they will mark those way, way down by Saturday (most of these sales start on Thursdays). But if they don't, then we let some other less informed schmuck pay too much.

Same with auctions. Searching on Ebay for near identical items makes it easy to set a maximum bid and be able to walk away and let the emotional folk caught up in the moment spend more than we can buy it brand new on-line.


From: kizmet1


I tried FB once under a fake name.That was enough. It bothers me that they seem to learn and keep so much info on users and then sell it for ads. I got so much junk due to them I had to close my yahoo account.