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Do you have a Mandalorian-size hole in your heart?   The Pleasure Seeking You: Entertainment & Sports

Started 9/15/20 by Carol Ann (Knit_Chat); 367 views.

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Newsies was so good!


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Nope. Don't have Disney or Disney premium or whatever. I strongly disagree with some of Disney's business practices going back quite a while and refuse to spend one thin dime on their content. Thus I have not seen any of the Star Wars stuff since Lucas sold out to their tentacles, and likely will go to my grave without ever seeing anything (at least anything I'd pay for) that would put anything in their pockets.

But so far I haven't gotten to the stage of crusading by warning people next to the "Frozen" lunch pail displays of what they are enabling, as that makes one stand out as too weird, and I try to keep a low profile with my weirdness. But it at least has saved me a lot of money over the years.

I also refuse to see anything that stars someone involved in the Cult of $cientology since I became enlightened about the recklessly negligent homicides they covered up, and the exploitations of the most mentally fragile and vulnerable people. And I wouldn't have learned that except from the people I met on-line learning how to cope with the lifetime of undiagnosed ADHD, saw some posts describing the cult as the ultimate embodiment of evil. Too bad I didn't know about them before I'd paid full ticket price to see "Top Gun" in a movie theater long ago. But now that I know who most of the major players are, I know which movies and branded merchandise to avoid like the plague.

But then I won't buy branded merchandise spinoffs from entertainment products anyway because it's a rip-off - you pay a bunch more for the markings on the thing, and I focus a lot more on functionality and durability. For example I saw some Dallas Cowboys (and other NFL branded) thermal mugs for nearly $30. I saw functionally identical thermal mugs for $9 that didn't have any NFL markings. I won't throw away $21 extra for a thermal mug just to have that name on it. That's a waste of money. Or really a Yuppie kind of thing I remember from the 1980s.

A Yuppie is someone who spends money he doesn't have, to buy stuff he doesn't need, to impress people he can't stand. And the only reason to buy an NFL (or other branded) product is to delude oneself that one will somehow impress others and make more money than it cost to get the fancier mug. My experience is no one really cares. Or worse, they encounter someone like me who sees them with a branded product who thinks "there goes another fool with more dollars than sense".

And of course in this economy now, seeing movies is not even on my list of needs or wants any more. If I can't eat it, if it won't keep a roof over my head, or help me get around, just nope. It's not something that is needed for survival and with the economic chaos of the pandemic, I'm in survival mode. So my entertainment budget remains at zero for the duration.