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What do we know now about Covid-19 and surfaces?   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started 10/20/20 by Showtalk; 3083 views.

We are too,  but there's always a dork that won't.


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I never see one. Even little children have masks.  I saw the cutest little boy in a bright orange Halloween mask.  I can just see the dad telling him, if you behave very well, you can wear your orange mask early.

That's great!    LOL How cool!

Yep ... disinfection theater. Still going on because politicians really don't understand jack about the nature of infection.

... It was also a way to show that they were doing something, Morris adds, even if it didn't do much. In July, The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson coined the term hygiene theater to describe the rash of corporate disinfection. It’s still around. It’s part of the reason why New York City has committed tens of millions of dollars to cleaning each subway car each night, why Airbnb requires “enhanced” cleaning from its landlords, why countless schools, stores, churches, and offices continue to emphasize disinfection. It’s why some libraries are quarantining books this fall for a week or more. It’s also a factor in what we are now less likely to do, a rationale for why many businesses no longer take cash and why playgrounds have often been among the last outdoor venues to reopen. ..

and from The Atlantic article:

There is a historical echo here. After 9/11, physical security became a national obsession, especially in airports, where the Transportation Security Administration patted down the crotches of innumerable grandmothers for possible explosives. My colleague Jim Fallows repeatedly referred to this wasteful bonanza as “security theater.”

COVID-19 has reawakened America’s spirit of misdirected anxiety, inspiring businesses and families to obsess over risk-reduction rituals that make us feel safer but don’t actually do much to reduce risk—even as more dangerous activities are still allowed. This is hygiene theater. ...


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People in NYC are saying the subways have never been cleaner, which is a good thing. They used to be loaded with mold and people got sick just being underground so much.

That's one good thing. Too bad it took something like this to actually sanitize that Petri dish of stuff. I bet it also doesn't reek of homeless people's urine and feces any more either.


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Not now, apparently.

The flip side of that is, I wonder how many homeless are going to freeze to death now that winter is here in many places, and virus is still spreading like wildfire wherever people are crowded cheek by jowl. Not just virus but the usual scourge of the homeless - tuberculosis, assorted pneumococcal infections, and whatever one gets from a lifetime of street drug abuse, smoking, and just plain old exposure to the elements in whatever nooks and crannies they have to hide in now.


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In Fargo, maybe. In California, not so much.

Yellowknife, Yukon territory. Thule, Greenland. Barrow, Alaska.