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You Have One Week to Tell Amazon Not to   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started 6/2/21 by WALTER784; 2796 views.

From: Showtalk


It can. 

WALTER784 said:

All of that... YES... and one even more scary thing is new model cars of today with their auto steering/driving features. Somebody could hack into your car and control it without your knowledge. Cause you to go through red lights, when you hit the brakes, your car accelerates instead because it's been hacked, etc. Those are the really scary and dangerous things.

One more reason I'm holding on to an older car right up until the wheels fall off. Looks like a lot of people will hopefully push back on this kind of stuff.

Yep. I do not trust Alexa at all and have no problem rooting a phone to delete it from anything where it was factory installed.

Showtalk said:

It can also be used to turn off AC in summer and heat in winter.

Another reason to not allow that kind of stuff in one's home.


From: Showtalk


That would be a smart thermostat.  Apparently Google has put in a lot of new protections for users following bad publicity.

Showtalk said:

That would be a smart thermostat. Apparently Google has put in a lot of new protections for users following bad publicity.

I have heard of things like someone hacking into a smart refrigerator, and setting it to bring the interior to nearly room temperature when the legitimate owner is at work then chilling it back down so it's cold again when he gets home, to make food spoil prematurely.

I still think of faceless megacorps as outfits that can cut corners on safety and get away with it, because they can paper over things and have very good lawyers, while mom and pop operations have to actually follow the rules or be shut down.


From: Showtalk


That has always been true. Large corporations have more resources.

Alfi (THIALFI) said:

20 meter

and if it resonates at 14.313 mhz, so much the better :)

Showtalk said:

That has always been true. Large corporations have more resources.

The working classes have been gathering momentum against the really large corporations because so many people they know, small business people, lost their livelihoods when large corporations undercut their prices and have been abusing patents and copyrights to freeze out any competition to create de facto monopolies.