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Are you upset two resigned FDA over pressure on fast-tracked Covid boosters?   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started Sep-13 by Showtalk; 306 views.

From: WALTER784 


I wanted to vote for the second option [Yes, the Administration should never pressure any agency to follow their agen...], but it's worded incorrectly... it should say:

[Yes, the Administration should never pressure any agency against their own safety procedures...].

When two at the top step down... it shows that they are more concerned with the health of the people than their own jobs.

I wish the Generals in the Pentagon had done the same when Biden wanted to pull out of Afghanistan earlier than they wanted too, but that didn't happen.

Ted Cruz I think spelled it out quite clearly when he said the Democrats seem "Drunk on Power" and I believe this is just another power play by this government. 

Hopefully, those two who stepped down will NOT have lost their jobs in vain and we the people will listen and say enough is enough!


  • Edited September 13, 2021 10:49 pm  by  WALTER784

From: Showtalk 


As you see there isn’t enough room to write a long answer.  Something is very wrong there,