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Biden says one thing... does the opposit   The Serious You: How Current Events Affect You

Started Oct-23 by WALTER784; 261 views.

From: WALTER784


But on a more serious tone... which is part of this thread...
Just where are we hearing these F*** Joe Biden chants coming from?
Large stadiums filled with sports fans.
Do you remember a few years ago... pre Kapernick?
Stadiums were filled with both Conservative and Liberal sports fans. Our political stance didn't matter... we all enjoyed watching the NFL, MLB, NBA, etc.
And then... all of a sudden... Kapernick took a knee to our National Anthem.
And then the Police take a knee to George Floyd https://img.huffingtonpost.com/asset/5ed3b2eb3000005624156fce.jpeg
Since then... many Conservatives have stopped watching and going to major sports events... which means that the majority of sports event attenders are liberals.
But yet... these majority liberals are all shouting f--- Joe Biden...
Makes you really wonder whether 81 million actually voted for him or not!