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Have you received a Covid 19 booster shot?   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started 11/19/21 by Showtalk; 2719 views.

Got er done November 1st.

And now with Omicron running rampant, I'm glad I'm only 7 weeks out from the 3rd shot.

Can't afford to be out of commission for a couple of weeks because no one else has their fecal matter sufficiently aggregated to actually provide meaningful external logistical support for the household, with the assorted fur critters and "La Perezosa" and her co-dependency.

The_Rock (JABRONI256) said:

Here's it's easy, our pharmacy system is set up to get people what they need, and now we don't need supersites so it's really simple and easy to book and get in for a shot.

Here, it is a patchwork quilt where in some instances (e.g. Sam's Club) it's a fast and quick process.

Meanwhile, those who lack reliable transportation or have other related vulnerabilities; or work in in a soul crushing poorly paid position with unpredictable work hours and sadistic management who will deliberately schedule you in a manner to sabotage any plans for say, vaccination appointments, child care arrangements, etc. - getting in for a shot can turn into a total Charlie Foxtrot.

Thus there are economic and logistical inequalities and barriers to many getting their shots who are not active vaccine refusers.

And of course I'm a sick sadistic mofo when it comes to active refusers who get deathly ill and / or die from Covid because they had every opportunity to get their shot and chose not to.

Pychologists call it "compassion fatigue" or "empathy fatigue". And by about late July to early August, all of my compassion and empathy for those who have no definite medical reason or logistical barriers to not get the shot pretty much was fully exhausted and depleted.

(google "anti-vax schadenfreude" and "empathy fatigue"). At some point, to loosely paraphrase Cracked magazine's David Wong article about the monkeysphere, at some point you quit worrying about the monkeys that died - they are just bit players in one's landscape, non-playable characters in the video game of living one's life.

Alfi (THIALFI) said:

I'm not exposed to large groups of people.

voluntarily. All it takes is one snafu that results in being trapped in a long line or a big crowd and no readily means of escape which is increasingly a risk as civilization continues to crumble. So even when one is able to stand back a safe distance and watch the world burn, there's no guarantee that one won't get pelted by the embers if the wind suddenly shifts.

Showtalk said:

I’m hearing that there is a run on boosters because of the holidays and people are having to travel to find the ones they want.

I’m hearing that there is a run on TurboMan because of the holidays and people are having to travel to find the ones they want. Of course there are plenty of Booster but no one wants that action figure, since all the kids want TurboMan.

Yeah, I have done one of my annual re-watching of "Jingle All the Way" with Arnold Schwarzenegger this morning.


From: Showtalk 


LOL. Temperamental family.  Omicron is everywhere.


From: Showtalk 


What is TurboMan? Thankfully I don’t need to look for one.

Showtalk said:

What is TurboMan? Thankfully I don’t need to look for one.




Howard Langston, a salesman for a mattress company, is constantly busy at his job, and he also constantly disappoints his son, Jamie. After he misses his son's karate exposition, he tries hard to come up with a way to make it up to him. Jamie says he all he wants for Christmas is an action figure of television hero Turbo Man. Unfortunately for Howard, it is Christmas Eve, and every store is sold out of Turbo Man figures; now Howard must travel all over town and compete with everybody else including a mail man named Myron to find a Turbo Man action figure, and to make it to the Wintertainment Parade, which will feature Turbo Man.


Inspired by real-life Christmas toy sell-outs for such items as Cabbage Patch Kids, the film was written by Randy Kornfield. Producer Chris Columbus rewrote the script, adding in elements of satire about the commercialization of Christmas, and the project was picked up by 20th Century Fox. Delays to Fox's reboot of Planet of the Apes allowed Schwarzenegger to come on board the film, while Columbus opted to cast Sinbad instead of Joe Pesci as Myron. Jingle All the Way was set and filmed in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and Saint Paul at a variety of locations, including the Mall of America. After five weeks filming, production moved to California where scenes such as the end parade were shot. The film's swift production meant merchandising was limited to a replica of the Turbo-Man action figure used in the film.


The film draws inspiration from the high demand for Christmas toys such as the Cabbage Patch Kids and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers in the late 1980s and early 1990s, which often led to intense searching and occasional violence among shoppers, such as the Cabbage Patch riots, over finding the toys.[5][6] Randy Kornfield wrote the film's original screenplay after witnessing his in-laws go to a Santa Monica toy store at dawn in order to get his son a Power Ranger.[5] While admitting to missing the clamor for the Cabbage Patch Kids and Power Rangers, producer Chris Columbus experienced a similar situation in 1995 when he attempted to obtain a Buzz Lightyear action figure from the film Toy Story, released that year. As a result, he rewrote Kornfield's script, which was accepted by 20th Century Fox.[6] Columbus was always "attracted to the dark side of the happiest holiday of the year", so wrote elements of the film as a satire of the commercialization of Christmas.[7]


From: Showtalk 


Oh, the old movie.  I thought it was a new craze.

Risa (Risa25)

From: Risa (Risa25) 


My immune system left the building two years ago, so I got vaccinated as soon as possible, got the booster in October, and continue to mask and wash the skin off my hands (figuratively) and venture out of my house only when necessary.  The virus doesn't care what colour state I live in or who I voted for or what if any religious beliefs I hold.  It's a virus, with one goal, to find a host and mutate if need be.