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In light of recent info are vaccines ...   The Healthy You: Health and Fitness Polls

Started 10/24/22 by WALTER784; 85743 views.

From: WALTER784 


If you don't want to believe Mikovits then what about ex-Pfizer VP saying similar?

Ex-Pfizer VP: COVID vax push a ‘supranational operation’ intended to ‘maim and kill deliberately’

‘Multiple obvious toxicities were deliberately built into [the alleged vaccines’] designs, with the result that there would be high expectations of blood clots, autoimmune attacks and cytokine storms all over the body, depending on where it went in a given individual,’ Dr. Michael Yeadon told LifeSiteNews.

Patrick Delaney
Tue May 9, 2023 - 9:29 pm EDT

(LifeSiteNews) — Dr. Michael Yeadon, who formerly served as Pfizer’s vice president and chief scientist for allergy and respiratory, explained how he knew the COVID virus, with its subsequent “vaccine” campaign, was a “supranational operation” designed “to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”
Yeadon, who spent 32 years working mostly for large pharmaceutical companies, spoke to a reporter from Children’s Health Defense in March while attending a Truth be Told Rally in London.
Reviewing how he came to understand the COVID “pandemic” was something other than what it appeared to be, the pharmacology expert recalled that “when I started noticing former colleagues of mine, including Patrick Vallance, saying things on the television I knew weren’t true — and I knew he knew weren’t true — that’s when the penny dropped for me, probably [in] February 2020.”
Patrick Vallance was the United Kingdom’s chief scientific adviser to the government from 2018 to 2023.
“I remember saying to my wife, ‘this is not what they’re saying it is. Something’s going on,’” Yeadon explained.
“And when I saw not only my country locking down, but dozens of countries locking down at the same time … that was proof, and is still proof, of a supranational operation,” he said.
“There’s no way that could have happened at the local level, at the country level. Therefore, it must have occurred at a level above. Whether it was the WHO or the World Economic Forum, or other, I don’t know,” but the orchestrated response demonstrates a planned event as opposed to one determined by the chance of the virus developing, Yeadon said.
These governments “all did the same stupid, ineffective, known-not-to-work things at the same time, none of which were in their countries’ pandemic preparedness plans, because I’ve read them all,” the toxicology expert assured.
Further, he said that he is perfectly confident he will not be sued by Vallance or others for publicly accusing them of lying, because they know they would lose in a court of law. “And so, they won’t sue me. What they do is smear me and censor me.”
Now, “the injuries to people from these so-called vaccines” is “something much worse than an alleged virus,” Yeadon affirmed. Furthermore, “I wish I could say that it was accidental, but it wasn’t accidental.”
On December 1, 2020, Yeadon with Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg of Germany petitioned the European Medicines Agency for the immediate suspension of all COVID-19 vaccine studies in Europe due to significant safety concerns, including the foreseeable possibility that many people could “develop allergic, potentially fatal reactions to the vaccination.”
Yeadon’s warnings went unheeded. And though having been vilified, he has been, unfortunately for all, vindicated.
Continuing the interview, the British scientist reviewed, “I spent 32 years in rational drug design. I know, and I knew, and wrote it, before any of the [injections] had Emergency Use Authorization [EUA], that they were dangerous.”
“And I’m afraid I’m convinced, and would say, with my hand on the Bible in front of a court, a judge, that these injections have been made to injure people, to maim and kill deliberately.”
Later in the full interview, he explained why the mRNA biological injections cause an array of different adverse events in different people.
“When you inject this into a person and it spreads around their body and gets absorbed into a cell, that message gets converted into a protein,” he said. “And when your body makes a foreign protein — I am guaranteeing this as an immunologist — your body will say ‘
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From: Dee (DLAINEDEE) 


Unless those that took the shot are one of the lucky few to get a placebo, they are living under a rock if they think they are not going to be affected.  Eventually, yes they will.  And there is a huge amount of evidence to prove it.  Huge amount!  The amount of people that have died from that shot is crazy insane.

Thermographic imaging, is now being used by the real doctors.  It shows massive blood clots in the asymptomatic vaxxed people.  I've seen these images of people that have no ill effects, yet, but they are walking time bombs.  Most didn't even know it until their doctor use thermographic imaging on them.

This image is taken of a 23 year old athlete, she got the shot, but so far, no symptoms.

My dad is 88, and was just fine for his age, until he took that shot.  Now, the most he can do is sit in his chair.  He can no longer go out to dinner with me, like we did once a week, every week, before that shot.  He didn't believe it was the shot at first, he does now though.

A very close friend of mine, let me know this morning that she just got out of the hospital.  They are going to put a stint in her heart, they said they can do that as an out patient.  She moved to Alabama a couple years ago, but we still stay in touch.  She took the shot, and it is only now showing it's ugly face.  She's in her early 50s and was healthy.

Many of the people my husband and I have known for years are dying from strokes, heart attacks, and fast acting cancers.  All in their 50s and early 60s.  You notice deaths a lot when you don't live in a large city where people don't know each other.


From: WALTER784 


Sorry to hear about your family members struggling with the aftermath of the vaccines.

I've heard the question "Where are the body bags?" asked several times in this forum in the past.

But since then, 20 here, 70 there, 200 here, 500 there, 1,200 elsewhere. If you total up all the deaths of the vaxed throughout the world due to blood clots, heart attacks and/or other complications... the number is now over 1 million people. And that's just the deaths. Not those who still have complications.

Remember, the vax was first offered in Nov 2020. They were mainly given to the elderly (65 and older) as well as hospital staff dealing with Covid-19 and Covid-19 first responders. Thus, the majority of people under 65 didn't really start getting the vaccines until the end of Dec 2020 or Jan 2021 and many didn't get them until the 1st quarter of 2021. So, we're only talking about a little over 2 years since the majority have been vaxed. And in just 2 years, 1 million died. Give it another two years and those numbers are going to go up. 

So, the body bags are already there, and the numbers will only continue to increase. For those who still don't want to believe, 2 more years will show a much larger body bag count. One of these days, they'll either realize the truth, or die before they realize the truth. 

Even for those who don't yet want to believe the truth, at least they should get tested for spike proteins and have thermographic imaging taken as a preliminary precursor of what might be coming down the road. 


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From: WALTER784 


This article is from Jul 2022, but it shows that we knew about much of this new information we're now hearing about almost 1 year ago... but they were silenced as conspiracy theorists and banned/gagged from posting about it on big tech sites.

TICKING TIME BOMB: Swedish study presents evidence that mRNA COVID “vaccines” progressively increase hospitalization and death risk over time

By Ethan Huff

New research out of Sweden shows that people who get “vaccinated” with messenger RNA (mRNA) Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “vaccines” end up with a severely degraded immune system in the months that follow.
Not only are the “fully vaccinated” more prone to catching the so-called “omicron” (aka moronic) variant of the Chinese Virus, the study found that they also suffer an increased risk of hospitalization or death roughly a year after their second dose.
This means that getting jabbed for COVID leaves a person more likely to get sick or die, not less likely like Joe Biden, Tony Fauci and others in government insist. (Related: Spike proteins from mRNA injections accumulate in the heart and brain.)
After about five months post-injection, an mRNA-injected person starts to show serious signs of immune degradation. By nine months, immune capacity plunges to extreme lows, followed by negative efficacy at the one-year mark and beyond.
“This data provides real-world evidence of possible vaccine-caused ‘antibody dependent enhancement,'” wrote Alex Berenson on his Substack. “In ADE, vaccines cause our immune systems to produce antibodies that help a virus or other pathogen to attack us.”
British data confirms that COVID injections have negative efficacy
Berenson noted that the number of actual deaths assessed in the study during the later time periods are admittedly small, which means the findings “should not be viewed as definitive.”
The confidence intervals, he added, “widen hugely after 40 weeks.”
On the other hand, the findings corroborate those put together by Exposé News, which has been reporting on the negative efficacy of COVID injections for quite some time now using data out of England.
By all appearances, COVID injections do little, if anything, to provide protection against any kind of infection. They actually seem to damage the immune system, leaving it more prone to disease.
According to Dr. Yiyi Xi, the paper’s lead author, more data is needed to determine with pinpoint accuracy the true risk severity of post-injection hospitalization and/or death at the one-year mark and beyond.
There is also the matter of which statistical method is best for such calculations. A different one from the one used in the study, described as standard polynomial regression, found the jabs to be moderately effective against hospitalization and death, which skews the results.
“With ‘standard’ (a.k.a. single polynomial) regression … you can fit any data, if you give it enough freedom,” Berenson explained, quoting an independent expert. “The price for that, is that the better it fits the data you give it, the worse it will be at explaining new data, and especially so at the edges.”
“Splines, due to the way they are built, avoid this problem and produce more sensical (hence more useful) predictive models.”
Another independent expert who “happen[s] to believe strongly that these vaccines will have negative efficacy” said that as a statistician, it would be remiss to make that claim with confidence “off the back of a spline like this.”
So, all that to say, the Swedish study may or may not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Fauci Flu shots degrade immunity and leave a person worse off than if he had simply left his immune system alone. It does, however, add to a growing body of evidence that suggests that very thing.
“Sadly, I suspect for many of the deeply hypnotized, this information (assuming they ever are allowed, or allow themselves, to see it), even though I suspect it overstates any protection offered, will probably just reinforce their conviction that getting a ‘booster’ every three months or so makes sense, and is the way to go,” wrote one of Berenson’s readers.

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In reply toRe: msg 525

From: WALTER784 


And if you go back one year earlier than the above article to Jul 2021... we even knew about it then too... but Dr. Robert Malone was banned on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and even from Youtube... for speaking the truth!!!

mRNA vaccine inventor: COVID-19 vaccines may make virus more dangerous

Dr. Robert Malone warns that the development of antibody dependent enhancement among those vaccinated with COVID vaccines 'is the vaccinologist’s worst nightmare.' The scientist has recently been calling for a halt to vaccinations.

Raymond Wolfe
Fri Jul 30, 2021 - 5:36 pm EDT

July 30, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) –?Top vaccine scientist Dr. Robert Malone warned that vaccines could be making COVID-19 more dangerous and said the vaccination push may need to be halted altogether in an interview Wednesday on Steve Bannon’s War Room.
Dr. Malone notably claims to have been the chief inventor of mRNA technology and mRNA and DNA innovations while working with the Salk Institute in the 1980s. Both the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines rely on mRNA technology. Malone is also a licensed physician who received his medical training at Northwestern University, Harvard University medical school, and UC Davis.
In his interview with Bannon, Malone responded to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) recent reversal on face masks, noting what he called “increasingly desperate and abrupt rollouts of information.”
Earlier this week, the CDC updated guidance to state that Americans should once again mask up indoors if they are in areas of “high” or “substantial” virus transmission, even after receiving COVID-19 vaccines. “Emerging evidence suggests that fully vaccinated persons who do become infected with the Delta variant are at risk for transmitting it to others,” the agency’s guidelines now say, citing “unpublished data,” some of which was released Friday.
“We’ve seen a progression of increasingly desperate and abrupt rollouts of information, beginning with Pfizer’s alert a couple of weeks ago that they think we were going to need to have a booster after six months, and Fauci reprimanding them, and then the government flip-flopping and saying that we were going to have to have boosters for Pfizer recipients after six months in elderly and immunocompromised, and then the bomb dropped last night,” Malone said. “And I’m afraid that it’s precisely what I have been concerned about.”
He noted a report by NBC News on Tuesday that claimed that the CDC’s backtrack on masks reflected data showing that vaccinated people “could be carrying higher levels of virus than previously understood” and possibly infecting others, according to “multiple sources” close to the Biden administration. The NBC article has been heavily edited since publication.
Based on statements in the report, Malone inferred that viral levels were higher in vaccinated people than in unvaccinated people. As he later explained on Twitter, this has not been resolved.
A CDC report published today said that viral loads between the vaccinated and unvaccinated are likely “similar,” though “microbiological studies are required to confirm these findings.”
“This is precisely what one would see if antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) was happening,” Malone said regarding higher virus levels among the vaccinated. “What is antibody dependent enhancement? Briefly, it’s that the vaccine causes the virus to become more infectious than would happen in the absence of vaccination, would cause the virus to replicate at higher levels than in the absence of infection.” (See further ADE explanation here)
“This is the vaccinologist’s worst nightmare. It happened with the respiratory syncytial virus and in the ‘60s and caused more child deaths in vaccine recipients than unvaccinated. It happened with Dengvaxia, the dengue vaccine,” Malone continued.
“And it’s happened with virtually every other coronavirus vaccine development program, certainly in humans, known in history, and it’s what the vaccinologists like myself have been warning about since the outset, is the risk of antibody dependent enhancement.”
Malone said that antibody dependent enhancement seems most apparent in people injected with Pfizer’s vaccine. “So, we now know that the Pfizer protection is waning at six months,” he said. “And what the data seem to suggest is those who have received Pfizer, which is probably the least immunogenic of the three in terms of durability, length of protection, people that are now in the waning phase of the immune response to the Pfizer vaccine seem to be
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From: WALTER784 


Most “covid” deaths were actually VENTILATOR infection deaths, study finds

Tuesday, May 16, 2023
by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) It turns out that the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) would have mostly just been another seasonal influenza-like illness with an average death rate had the powers that be not forced ventilators onto sick patients.
The use of ventilators throughout the “pandemic,” a new study has found, resulted in many patients developing a secondary bacterial pneumonia infection, which was directly responsible for a large percentage of deaths during that were ultimately blamed on “covid.”
It was not covid that killed all these people, in other words: it was the ventilators, which never should have been the go-to for “treatment,” but for some reason were.
“Our study highlights the importance of preventing, looking for, and aggressively treating secondary bacterial pneumonia in critically ill patients with severe pneumonia, including those with COVID-19,” said Benjamin Singer, a pulmonologist from Northwestern University in Illinois who helped lead the study.
(Related: Remember when investigators discovered pallets full of covid ventilators dumped in a Miami-Dade landfill?)
Don’t trust medical authorities who profit from sickness and death, because that’s what happened during covid
Singer and his team evaluated the medical records of 585 people who were admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) at Northwestern Memorial Hospital during the “pandemic.” All of them had severe pneumonia and / or respiratory failure, and 190 of them tested “positive” for the Fauci Flu.
Using machine learning to crunch the data, Singer and his team were able to group the patients based on their condition, as well as the amount of time they spent in the ICU before either dying or being released.
What they discovered is that one of the prevailing theories about a cytokine storm being responsible for all the severe covid deaths is not true, and that the real cause involved the use of mechanical ventilators.
“The findings refute the idea that a cytokine storm following COVID-19 – an overwhelming inflammation response causing organ failure – was responsible for a significant number of deaths,” Science Direct reported. “There was no evidence of multi-organ failure in the patients studied.”
“Instead, COVID-19 patients were more likely to develop ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) and for longer periods. Cases where VAP didn’t respond to treatment were significant in terms of the overall mortality rates in the study.”
Singer explained that some of the patients did survive, but only because they were able to overcome the secondary pneumonia infections they developed as a result of being placed on a ventilator, which was part of the official covid protocol at hospitals.
“Our data suggested that the mortality related to the virus itself is relatively low, but other things that happen during the ICU stay, like secondary bacterial pneumonia, offset that,” he added.
The reason why ventilators and other deadly interventions such as remdesivir were used through covid is because the government was reimbursing hospitals large amounts of money for every patient that was placed on them, regardless of the health outcome. Because of this, many people died who otherwise would have lived had real treatments been administered.
It cannot be stressed enough that if covid was treated just like any other coronavirus, including the common cold, millions more people would have lived – but instead they died because of all the hysteria and misinformation that was spread by the government and the pharmaceutical industry, both of which pushed ventilators, remdesivir, face masks, and later the so-called “vaccines.”
“The relatively long length of stay among patients with COVID-19 is primarily due to prolonged respiratory failure, placing them at higher risk of VAP,” the study states.

Most “covid” deaths were actually VENTILATOR infection deaths, study finds – NaturalNews.com


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From: WALTER784 


This same thing was said in Sep 2022 and even as early as Mar 2022, but many people called it conspiracy theory or it was banned by big tech. And yes, Mar 2022 was before Twitter was bought out! See the next two older posts as well.

VACCINE ROULETTE: Some vaccine batches far more toxic than others, analysts find

Tuesday, May 16, 2023
by: Ethan Huff

(Natural News) The safety profile of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” seems to be widely dependent upon the batch from which a given injection comes. Some batches are exceptionally toxic, a new review has found, while others are slightly less toxic.
London-based researcher Craig Paardekooper figured this all out via data he collected from the government-run Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). He learned that “one in 200 of the [covid vaccine] batches are highly toxic,” while the vast majority of them are not as toxic, at least in the shorter term.
“In fact, 70 percent of the batches for the vaccine-only produce one adverse reaction report in total,” Paardekooper writes, adding that “80 percent of the vaccine batches only produce one or two adverse reaction reports.”
Upon closer look, Paardekooper discovered that certain anomaly batches “produced thousands of times the number of adverse reactions.” These batches stand out from the vast majority of other batches in that one caused 1,012 adverse reactions, another caused 1,394 adverse reactions, and another caused 4,911 adverse reactions.
The people unfortunate enough to have gotten jabbed from one of the really toxic batches are now either dead or seriously injured, with little, if any, chance at recovering.
(Related: Covid injections are linked to organ transplant rejection.)
Just 4% and 5% of Pfizer and Moderna’s covid jab lots, respectively, account for all associated death reports
To put this all into perspective, Paardekooper found that just four percent of Pfizer’s covid jab lots accounted for all of the death reports associated with that mRNA injection, while five percent of Moderna’s accounted for all death reports associated with that mRNA injection.
The other 96 percent and 95 percent of the two companies’ batches, respectively, were orders of magnitude safer than the extremely lethal batches in question. And we know from the data that these highly toxic batches were disseminated across multiple states.
For Pfizer, just 2.9 percent of all covid jab lots were distributed to more than 12 different states, and were associated with 96.5 percent of all deaths, 95.5 percent of all hospitalizations, and 94.7 percent of all adverse event reports linked to that particular brand of jab.
Comparatively, 97.1 percent of the remaining Pfizer lots were distributed to fewer than 12 states and were associated with just 3.5 percent of all product death reports, 4.5 percent of all hospitalizations, and 5.3 percent of all adverse event reports.
To help people better understand the situation and to evaluate the data for themselves, Paardekooper set up a website of his own called HowBadIsMyBatch.com that contains a tutorial explaining how anyone can replicate his findings using relevant data from VAERS.
Retired pharmaceutical industry executive Alexandra Latypova did just that after connecting with Paardekooper directly, using a team of researchers with experience in clinical trials, data analysis, statistics, pharmaceutical industry regulations, manufacturing, and research and development to further analyze the figures.
Latypova uploaded a 20-minute video highlighting the disparities between covid jab lots and pointing to the importance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) laws that are “designed to ensure safety and consistency of pharmaceutical products which must be produced in large quantities to very exacting standards of purity, stability, consistency, etc.”
“Breaches of these practices have historically resulted in tragic cases of adulterated, tainted, or poisoned drug products which resulted in loss of life and severe injuries,” she further wrote in an email correspondence.
“The failure to comply (with these practices) … shall render such drug to be adulterated,’ and that is a pretty significant crime to sell adulterated products.”
“This is intentional, pre
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From: WALTER784 


This article was from Sep 2022...

CDC admits KILLER BATCHES of COVID-19 shots are still given to the public

By Belle Carter

An investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) revealed that certain lots of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines linked to extremely high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths were still rolled out to the public.
The public health agency found that specific lot numbers of the COVID-19 vaccines connected to adverse reactions and deaths were already identified, but not withdrawn. They also found that four to five percent of the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccine batches were responsible for every death reported as an adverse reaction. Moreover, these fatal batches were widely distributed across the U.S., while the other benign lots were sent to just a few locations.
The CDC used data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System submitted until Oct. 15, 2021. It included all adverse reactions linked to the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Adverse reactions linked to the flu vaccines were also included to serve as a control data set.
A total of 171,463 adverse reactions, 14,262 hospitalizations and 2,828 deaths were linked to 4,522 Pfizer lot numbers, while 188,998 adverse reactions, 10,225 hospitalizations and 2,603 deaths were linked to 5,510 Moderna lot numbers.
Ninety-six percent of the Pfizer vaccine lots had zero death reports, which meant that the 2,828 vaccine deaths linked to it came from four percent of the batches. Meanwhile, 95 percent of the Moderna vaccine lots had zero death reports, translating to 2,603 deaths associated with five percent of the batches.
Specific batches of the mRNA vaccines distributed between 13 and 50 states across the U.S. had an unusually high number of adverse event and death reports, compared to those distributed to 12 states or less. The CDC concluded that there were “concerning findings that warrant further investigation.”
Pfizer sweeping COVID-19 vaccine safety issues under the rug
While these reports could simply be blamed on quality control issues, a whistleblower from a Pfizer manufacturing facility said otherwise. She revealed that she was even fired by the company for stepping up and reporting the irregularities in the vaccine quality she found alarming.
Melissa McAtee, former quality auditor at the Kansas Pfizer plant, told “World View Report” host Brannon Howse last year that she noticed the vaccine was glowing under certain light. After alerting the company, McAtee said the issue was still ignored. (Related: Pfizer petitions court to dismiss whistleblower lawsuit because government was fully aware of fraud when agreeing to work with company.)
While Pfizer said 90 percent of the employees in the plant were vaccinated against the COVID-19 jabs, McAtee said that wasn’t the case.
“Supposedly half of the plant was not vaccinated or would walk out if they will be forced to submit to the vaccine mandate,” she said.
The former Big Pharma staff further stated the most important thing is for the people to get informed consent. “I care that people are informed and they know what is injected into their bodies,” McAtee said.
McAtee said Pfizer is being deceitful and leaving out information and also noted that the company engaged in secrecy, such as shutting down hallways and certain processes when they knew that the Food and Drug Administration would be coming to the plant.
Browse through BigPharmaNews.com for more about how Pfizer and Moderna are deceiving the people with their experimental vaccines.
Watch the video below that talks about the meaning of the COVID-19 vaccine lots.

CDC admits KILLER BATCHES of COVID-19 shots are still given to the public (vaccines.news)


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From: WALTER784 


And here is the article from Mar 2022... She was deplatformed by all big tech media including Twitter. But she was correct and investigations ongoing now are proving she was right back then. Twitter banned her in Jul 2021!

This Is Big: Naomi Wolf Confirms Big Pharma Was Adding Varying Amounts of Active Ingredient to Batches of COVID Vaccine (VIDEO)

By Jim Hoft
Mar. 14, 2022 12:12 pm

Former Clinton adviser and COVID Vaccine critic Naomi Wolf joined Steve Bannon on The War Room on Monday morning. Naomi shared her latest bombshell from her investigation into the Pfizer vaccine documents released by the US government on their COVID vaccine testing. Naomi’s team of investigators, doctors and attorneys identified several US government documents that confirm that Pfizer was adding varying amounts of active ingredient to their experimental COVID vaccines. According to the data, the range of dangerous active ingredient went from 3μg, to 10μg, to 30μg, to 100μg depending on the batch they happened to inject you with.
As Naomi mentioned, this ties in directly with the website “How Bad Is My Batch” that was created so you could track how many adverse reaction incidents were linked to the vaccine batch you were given.
Now there is proof via AMA documents that they are distributing different doses of the active ingredient in the COVID vaccines based on batch number.
What the hell?

This Is Big: Naomi Wolf Confirms Big Pharma Was Adding Varying Amounts of Active Ingredient to Batches of COVID Vaccine (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft


  • Edited May 26, 2023 11:19 pm  by  WALTER784
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From: WALTER784 


And now, back to some more recent information about the dangers of the supposed vaccines...

Neurosurgeon admits COVID Vaccination can severely damage the Brain & cause Cancer

MAY 16, 2023

Retired American neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock recently gave an in-depth presentation on the adverse effects the spike proteins, induced by Covid-19 vaccination, have on the body.
The doctor shared shocking discoveries about neurological damage, cancer rates, cardiac arrest and other exacerbating health issues as well as their connection to mRNA technology.
“This [Covid] injection is an injection of artificial exosomes … The brain is one of the most complex things in the entire universe … [The medical profession] really doesn’t understand this injection.  They don’t understand what it does to the neurological apparatus of the brain and spinal cord,”
Dr. Russell Blaylock – November 2022
His presentation titled ‘Spike Proteins and Neurodegeneration: Effect of artificial exosomes on the nervous system in the form of an injection’ (which can be viewed in full at the end of this article) covers the damage the spike protein does to the brain, the elderly and unborn children.  
Dr Blaylock also explains in detail the mechanisms that cause the damage and used several published papers to demonstrate the harm. And ends with some advice for those who have been vaccine-injured.
Microglia, Cytokines, Chemokines and Excitotoxins
With all vaccines, and this injection in particular, if you stimulate the peripheral immune system within minutes there’s microglial activation in the brain – the brain’s primary immune cell.  This is what Dr. Blaylock describes as “sickness behaviour.” 
When there’s systemic inflammation or any kind of trauma occurs in the body, it produces inflammation and activation of the immune system.  This sends a signal to the brain within minutes and starts activating the microglia which is the inflammatory, cytotoxic cell in the brain.
‘Sickness Behaviour’ + the Effect of Spike Proteins on the Body, 17 November 2022 (timestamp 3:30)
The image below illustrates the different stages of microglia.  At the top of the image is a ramified microglia which is “normal,” it has not been stimulated. It used to be called a “resting microglia” but that’s not an accurate term.   The pseudopodia are constantly extending and retracting to analyse the extracellular space for invaders, changes in chemical content etc., explained Dr. Blaylock.
‘Sickness Behaviour’ + the Effect of Spike Proteins on the Body, 17 November 2022 (timestamp 4:42)
When there is a stimulation of the immune system the ramified microglia go to the primed microglia stage.  The pseudopodia are retracted and it becomes a more rounded-looking cell.  Inside the primed microglia, there is an intense upregulation of cytokine, chemokine and excitotoxin production – but they’re not released from the cell so there may be some minor immune reaction but otherwise there’s not much sign of a reaction.  “That’s what would happen with the first injection of this injectable they call a ‘vaccine’,” Dr. Blaylock said.  It is important to note that chemokines attract macrophages, or white blood cells, to the brain.  A macrophage in the brain looks exactly like microglia and can also undergo priming.
“With the second immune stimulation, [which would be the second injection and] which can be months later, that primed microglia become fully activated.  And when that happens it releases all these toxic components … you get chronically activated microglia, [an] overactivated state and there’s a 3-fold higher inflammatory reaction than you’d normally get with microglial activation.”
Photomicrograph of activated microglia
Photomicrograph of resting microglia
When microglia get the second immune stimulation, for example after the second injection or further boosters, and release high levels of destructive elements it damages, for example, the dendrites, cell membranes, mitochondria and the DNA. “And so, it can produce a lot of damage to that neuron,” Dr. Blaylock said.
‘Sickness Behaviour’ +
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