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Epstein - I voted   Knock Knock - Off Topic

Started Dec-6 by WALTER784; 149 views.

From: WALTER784


Jeffrey Epstein died in prison Aug 2019.

He had homes registered in New York, New Mexico, Florida & the Virgin Islands.

I wonder whether he voted in 2020 and 2022 from one or all of the above locations?!?!?!




From: Showtalk


More than once.

Of course he did. The cemetery vote is the most important one to swing an election in many places. If he had a home in Louisiana and another in Chicago, absolutely he would have voted there.

Somewhere there is a picture taken in a cemetery in 2016 where there were dozens of Hillary campaign stickers on all the gravestones. The people who did that printed a bunch of them up on that static clingy plastic so they would stick well enough to polished granite and marble to stay put for about 5 minutes.

The camera was already set up, and the people who put the stickers out quickly got out of frame, the photographer took a dozen frames or so, checked for good focus, composition and exposure, then just as quickly they all fanned out through the cemetery removing the stickers before any maintenance people (or worse, family members of the deceased) noticed what was up, and they exfiltrated the cemetery, then posted it as a meme.

They also only put stickers on gravestones in the camera field of view, and picked a section where it created a sea of stickers but the actual number was maybe 100 or so, thus the apparent numbers were partly an illusion utilizing camera angles and such to make it look like every gravestone in the cemetery was supporting Hillary.

Evidently they used the Day of the Dead as cover to set up the shot, determining which gravestones would get the bumper stickers, and which foreground graves would get a Hillary yard sign strategically placed to obscure the actual name of the deceased and avoid some angry internet sleuth managing to quickly pin down the actual cemetery used for the photo shoot.

Since that event is a few days before the election, the timing was perfect to then quickly place the stickers, shoot the pictures, then remove the evidence and get out quickly.