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Opinion Polls

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The Rules:

1. Be respectful and polite. You may criticize ideas in posts but not those posting.

2. No name calling, flaming, trolling or spamming.

3. Do not criticize the forum, the moderators or other members.  Any posts complaining about how the forum is run will be removed. Running a forum is more complicated than it appears to be and decisions about the forum are made by those doing the work. If you want to complain about the forum, do so in a private message to the host or a moderator.

4. We encourage discussion of different ideas, while asking that you remember this is an opinion forum, and other opinions may not be the same as yours.

5. This forum is currently on moderation. If your posts don't appear right away, please message a moderator and we will look into it.

6. Try to stay on topic. Occasionally topics may drift, but purposefully changing a topic within a discussion is not allowed. Instead, consider starting a new discussion.  Do not start multiple discussions on the same subject just to attack a person or idea.


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