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Robb... The Karate Chop!!!   Swing Instructions, Tips, etc.

Started Aug-20 by ken1putt (kenoneputt); 241 views.




Just a follow up to the "karate chop" - it still works - but I think for a simpler reason than the video.....at least in my case....the reason is that when I put my right arm into the "karate chop" position - it creates more lag.   Similar to shallowing the club.

The original karate chop was with my left/leading hand.  Palm down/back of hand to the sky.  It moved in a crossing motion - rather than a rotating motion (I do not do "roll knuckles under" with the left/leading hand).  I has the effect of keep the fairway wood head level with the ground for a longer period of time.   And good contact occurs more often for me VS the "roll the knuckles under" typical golf swing.

But I tried the "karate chop" with the right/trailing arm - and got more pop and distance out of the shot - in large part b/c since the left hand is now basically palm-down on the top of the grip at address for a fairway wood - my right hand rotates more (but not completely equal to the left hand).  On the downswing when I try to make a karate chop with the right/trailing hand - it has the effect of shallowing the club and for some reason it's a harder impact.

Kinda cool.